🧸 DIY Warm Bag Teddy Bear 🧸 | Cute and Simple Gift to Keep You Warm

🧸 DIY Warm Bag Teddy Bear 🧸 | Cute and Simple Gift to Keep You Warm

This DIY warm bag is cute, cuddly and will keep you warm any time! FIND FULL INSTRUCTION — http://bit.ly/teddybearwarmbagdiy

Fabric (cotton) – https://www.amazon.com/CRAFTY-CUTS-2-Yards-Cotton-22164-G55583/dp/B004FEEXC8?creativeASIN=B004FEEXC8&linkCode=w61&imprToken=zQPMVvQeNYSa2GNqCChQdQ&slotNum=0&tag=twkmobile-20
Felt Sheets – https://www.amazon.com/flic-flac-inches-Assorted-Fabric-Patchwork/dp/B01N1U85M1?creativeASIN=B01N1U85M1&linkCode=w61&imprToken=zQPMVvQeNYSa2GNqCChQdQ&slotNum=1&tag=twkmobile-20
Paper/cardboard shape of Teddy bear – https://www.amazon.com/Corrugated-Cardboard-Sheets-24-Pack-Inserts/dp/B079QRBBFP?creativeASIN=B079QRBBFP&linkCode=w61&imprToken=zQPMVvQeNYSa2GNqCChQdQ&slotNum=2&tag=twkmobile-20
Rice – https://www.amazon.com/365-Everyday-Value-Organic-Grain/dp/B074H5LY1J?creativeASIN=B074H5LY1J&linkCode=w61&imprToken=zQPMVvQeNYSa2GNqCChQdQ&slotNum=3&tag=twkmobile-20
Pen/Marker – https://www.amazon.com/Artline-White-Marker-Fabric/dp/B00KG6CAQU?creativeASIN=B00KG6CAQU&linkCode=w61&imprToken=zQPMVvQeNYSa2GNqCChQdQ&slotNum=4&tag=twkmobile-20
Sewing Tools – https://www.amazon.com/ARTIKA-Sewing-Premium-Supplies-Spools/dp/B015KM765Y?creativeASIN=B015KM765Y&linkCode=w61&imprToken=zQPMVvQeNYSa2GNqCChQdQ&slotNum=5&tag=twkmobile-20

Note: Great place for Bedtime Stories: http://www.iwtserve.com/4XKLCJ/641ZRJ1/?sub1=WarmTeddyBagYT

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30 Responses

  1. How long do you need to microwave it for

  2. It's so adorable. I want to make several of these for my 4 kids.

  3. Smudge Furry says:

    This is an advert lol 😂

  4. Back Country says:

    Very nice video I love the teddy bear thank you

  5. Reminds me of hide and seek alone.

  6. Just realized I watched a 7 min ad

  7. Joss Bailey says:

    Love it and so therapeutic to watch. I want to have a go one day.

  8. Ethan Vue says:

    The rice will make the bear move on its own😂😂

  9. Dene Dene says:

    Yea I think I'll just buy one…probably off wish or something 🤣🤣🤣

  10. This is so cute the little teddy bear also it's very easy to make!!

  11. Oh Yeaah says:

    Nu how dare u trap the rice in to a teddy bear…..😞

  12. what says:

    Why is this in my recommended so much? Lmao

  13. Justyarn says:

    My eye: oh yeah I’m freakin catching this

  14. yummy says:

    How to make a voodoo doll

  15. Alex says:

    Lmao is this a tutorial of how to start one man hide and seek because rice attracts spirits into the teddy bear/doll and makes the spirits stronger

  16. shaybie says:

    ooo i’m gonna make this for my bf. our 6 month anniversary is coming up soon :))

  17. Alice Dubois says:

    One of the only times when an ad is useful! I will def make this for my kids… replace the rice with stuffing and they will adore it! ❤❤❤ Yoh have a sub from me!

  18. Could you use glass buttons for eyes? Or would they get too hot? 🙁

  19. Lucy Zhang says:

    My eye: yep yep I got that
    My brain: oh yeah too easy

  20. So how is it warm? Do you microwave if or somethin?

  21. Um I say the thumbnail of this ad at night and shat myself

  22. Kati West says:

    What is the basting stitch for?

  23. vivche says:

    Oof yes I could use this when I’m on meh period thanks!

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