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4Chan Story Compilation #1 | 4Chan

4Chan Story Compilation #1 | 4Chan

Took me a while to get all these stories. Let me know if you enjoyed this type of compilation.

Stories In Video
Intro 00:00:00
The Owl Watchers 00:00:11
My Roommate Is A Demon 00:9:00
Dad’s Mini Me 11:27
Old Lady 14:50
The Theatre 17:07
Sy 18:54
Cockblock Ghost 21:47
Youth Leader 25:17
Uncanny Dream 26:38
Mom’s Phone 27:58
Desert Poem 30:06
Christmas Gifts 32:00
Old Beer 34:31
Not On The Map 36:20
Grandpa’s TV 37:14
Dancer On The Water 39:45
The Barn 42:38
Stalker 45:16
Floating Woman 47:26
The Lady 52:25
Sleep Paralysis 53:31
The Field 55:23
New Jersey 58:10
Rat King 1:02:51
Backroads 1:04:34
Stranger 1:05:42
Lost In Iraq 1:09:40
Jin In Fallujah 1:12:18
Wing Walker 1:14:09
Visions 1:15:58
Confessions Of A Schizo 1:19:03
Hide & Seek 1:24:03
Phantom Deer 1:25:20
Old Hag 1:28:37
Lost & Confused 1:31:02
Backpacking In Utah 1:37:42
INN 1:39:15
Dreams 1:40:32
The Exorcist 1:46:12

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16 Responses

  1. TIMESIX says:

    bless algorithm-chan – oh fuck, the first story just starts off wild

  2. That rhyme reminded me of high school English class

  3. Ah yes, the dreaded “owls”.

  4. Dylan Nelson says:

    No joke, I watch a few chan tubers, but Chass is probably the most interesting.

  5. Epic intro. Do you use Google cloud voice api?

  6. tin foil hat says:

    That turning Page sound to break up the stories is wonderful

  7. hip hips says:


    🌱 🦛

  8. If an owl were a shape-shifted human from a culture familiar with skinwalkers, why would he hoot around someone he’s stalking and who he knows would know that spooky hooters are bad juju?

    If I could turn into a spooky hooter to stalk people, I would be quiet as fuck and just do whatever stuff spooky hooters are supposed to do.

  9. Ethan Rumley says:

    Oh fuck yeah

    I'm gonna scream

  10. stop uckfing the owls! owls will uckf you back!!

  11. Woke Goat says:

    Thanks for the upload!!

  12. This is perfect. A nice long video for the weekend.

  13. IncogniBro says:

    That second story that anon was describing a class A psychopath

  14. Kingkek says:

    Lets GOOO perfect timing. Thanks for the video bro!! Hope your doing good

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