718 Wilson Avenue, Toronto

#ALLCAPS All Access | N1KY

#ALLCAPS All Access | N1KY

Not the right final outcome, but a Grand celebration nonetheless.

Go behind-the-scenes from Nicky’s special day.

#N1KY | @WasteManagement



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  1. D Mend says:

    Wish we'd won this game for him. DC Loves you backy 🦅❤💙

  2. Chris McKee says:

    This just goes to show how loved Backy is in that locker room. The perfect representation of the city of DC and the Caps.

  3. Another highly underrated Swedish center, a guy you can build a team around.

  4. Congrats Nick–you are certainly a good example. Well done❤

  5. What a career so far Nicky. Congrats on 1k love watching you play!

  6. Den gger says:

    ПОЗДРАВЛЯЕМ НИКА! Отличный парень! Вперёд и только вперёд!

  7. Chief Nuamah says:

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  8. Thank you, Nicky! My favorite Capitals moment will always be Ovi giving you the cup and skating with you. I love the image of the two of you skating together, both holding it up. Thank you for the memories and let's get some new ones!!

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