Amazon Alexa Echo Dot Becomes Creepy Talking Christmas Tree

Amazon Alexa Echo Dot Becomes Creepy Talking Christmas Tree

Without any modification, I connected my Echo Dot to a Douglas Fir singing tree for a horrifying artificial tree/intelligence experience.

Buy a Douglas Talking Fir Tree:

Buy an Amazon Echo Dot:

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33 Responses

  1. What would you do if at 3am the eyes go red ?

  2. i LOVED this tree when i was a kid but every other kid that came over was sobbing lol

  3. That talking Christmas tree you have is named Douglas fir by gemmy Industries in 1996 to 1998 here is some of the description from the box I may look like an ordinary tree but I'm not I move my mouth in sync with the words and move my eyes

  4. Jake Shumway says:

    I was tormented by this hellish spawn as a child

  5. LooneyBird25 says:

    The mouth matches up really well with the talking I noticed that the billy bass ones I have seen are not always matched up very well

  6. Im so glad I wasn't aware of this as a child.

  7. Oh my God that's Terrifying

  8. Alexa is Christmas Tree. She Sings Happy Birthday.

  9. saxman112 says:

    OMG I just managed to scoop up this exact model off eBay, and would love to do something like this with Siri

  10. I still have mine but dis is creepy af

  11. DANKING says:

    Fnaf in the making

  12. Wow you did this on Alexa’s birthday

  13. It's the veitnamese

  14. Well that was'nt creepy at all!! (I'll be sleeping with the lights on tonight)

  15. Kai G says:


  16. Vgp 1982 says:

    How do you have it hooked up to the echo?

  17. I Love These Trees.

  18. how did you connect it, would love to see a diagram or how to video.

  19. Lt Dark Ring says:

    This is truly an amazing creation

  20. wolfmaster says:

    Just got an alexa 2 days ago and tried this with mine

  21. Joseph Frye says:

    those xmas tree talks kicks ass but amazon alexa is even more awesome looks like you got one of them.

  22. I still want a Gemmy Douglass Fir, I haven't been able to find one anywhere in person. I'm sure there's a lot on eBay.

  23. Queen Crab says:

    Festus Missouri, home of the mac 'n cheese manatee, and the christmas tree alexa hacker.
    … Interesting town…

  24. wolfmaster says:

    I have the same tree except with different eyes, and with the aux port and with its original box

  25. Fredbear says:

    This is the gemmy Douglas fir the talking Christmas tee

  26. Brad says:

    What's so creepy about it? It's a stupid toy and a computer voice, for gods sake.

  27. XYZee says:


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