Anee Park Husky Plush ♡ Amazing Lot from Thailand! ♡

Anee Park Husky Plush ♡ Amazing Lot from Thailand! ♡

Watch in HD it makes the experience worth it! ♥ Here I am with more amazing additions to my collection. I am eternally grateful for every single one of these plush! Special thank you to everyone below who made my dreams come true! 🙂

Very grateful for these newbies 🙂
The remake of Episode #13 of LDOP is in progress along with Episode #17!

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♥↓***LINK TO PURCHASE Anee Park Husky Plush!***↓ ♥

Here Are The Steps On How To Purchase:

1. Make a Account First with the link I provided below:

2. Verify your email address after making your account so you can begin creating a request.

3. Choose Thailand as the country you are buying from followed by selecting the United States (or whichever country you’re living in) as the country you want it sent to.

4. Make a Request and add the link at the very top to your request and type in which ever husky you want below and make sure to type out as I did with the measurements:

Small Grey Husky Doll Anee Park (15 inch)
Small Grey Husky Doll Anee Park (18 inch)
Large Grey Husky Doll Anee Park (24 inch)
Large Grey Husky Doll Anee Park (30 inch)

Small White Husky Doll Anee Park (18 inch)
Large White Husky Doll Anee Park (24 inch)

More of these should be coming in soon since they are pretty newly released plush. 🙂

***These new shipments may take some time just like the XL SEMO Wolf Plush due to the
pandemic. So please make sure to get what you can or you will have to wait patiently!***

5. Then after making your request, you want to choose a forwarder who ships from Thailand (i.e. mine was Jonhaps but there are others too) and then they will be able to buy the huskies from the shop for you and give you details for a few small fees which pop up in the options you want like extra packaging, quick shipping, insurance, etc.

6. Your forwarder will have you make your payment very securely via a PayPal account so I recommend if you do not have PayPal to please make an account with them too.

If you have any questions with this process please DM me on my Instagram or comment down below! I prefer DMs since I can get back to you quicker since I am more active on my Instagram than on here 🙂 ♥↓ My Instagram Account! ↓♥…

Special Thank You to shelby_the_alpha on Instagram for showing me this process, go follow him! ♥
His Instagram:
His YouTube Channel:

Special Thank You to whitelightning_wolf_plush for inspiring me to get the entire set of huskies! ♥
Her Instagram:

Special Thank You to my good friend StarMoonShadows who discovered Parcl originally! ♥
Her Instagram:
Her YouTube Channel:

Thanks for sticking around my channel & being so unbelievably patient for my series ♥ I have been making videos for many years and I love to share my work with all of you. From the bottom of my heart I thank all of my fans, viewers, and subscribers for being so supportive and generous.
♥ Alexa

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  1. Edens says:

    I really want one man):

  2. Edens says:

    I want one you have so many your friend says NO

  3. Hi, John actually offered to take my order! But i am just scared of the safety of the site so I'm a bit nervous to place my order. In total im paying $150 for a 24 inch white husky. What should i do and how was your experience with him?
    Update: I recieved my husky 🙂

  4. Lovely stuffed animal collection

  5. Gem Agvera says:

    Love the vids!! Also, where do you find your unitoys plush? I cannot find them anywhere and I really want to get a husky with a harness.

  6. Gem Agvera says:

    You have the most amazing plushies ever!

  7. Hi, I think you purchase one of my Husky before on ebay in Australia. That is me. I can't believe you've found it for this Anee Park Husky you asked me a while ago as I sold all of mine. Reminds me to think I want to order again. Can you help me out on on how to to do this? How can I contact you by email?

  8. Ashtonnnn says:

    What happened to night_howl88? I can't find her..

  9. NOooOo when are you coming back pls I luv your vids so much!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Kylie Trahan says:

    So adorable I love the 24in. ones, now I want one so bad now!!!!!

  11. Can you do a update on all your push plezz

  12. Dreams says:

    wow! amazing! your plushies are beautiful!

  13. Is there a way I would be able to get the 24 inch one? do you know where it would be available?

  14. OMG i need one of the big white huskies!! totally jealous!!


  16. This is off topic but have you re uploaded lightning dogs 13?

  17. CryWolf says:

    Omg!! Theyre absolutely amazing😍❤

  18. I was the original one that told everyone about Parcl. 🥰 I told everyone about it when I found out a while back. 💚 I love this video, so beautiful! 😍

  19. Disney 1123 says:

    So cute! So what are the diff sizes of the white huskies? I’m considering only get one of the white ones and 24” is quite large but I really want that one lol

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