ANSWERS About USA Kilts Products! How to buy a kilt and more

ANSWERS About USA Kilts Products! How to buy a kilt and more

Come along as we “tour” our actual brick-and-mortar store and show you some of the many wonderful items we sell! We answer some questions from viewers, and try to give you a sense of what you get when you buy from USA Kilts!

Located in Spring City PA, USA Kilts is a team of American kilt makers who have been making men’s kilts in authentic clan tartans since 2003.

We craft a full range of kilts right in our shop, from our budget casual kilt to our traditional machine sewn, hand-finished 8-Yard kilt. We specialize in all aspects of highland wear and Celtic clothing including Scottish, Irish and Welsh kilts and accessories.
If you want your kilt made by an experienced American Kilt Maker, you’ve come to the right place!

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28 Responses

  1. smacwhinnie says:

    Saffron is the Ulster [Scotch-Irish] kilt

  2. Allan Ainley says:

    Just received my package-sporran/flashes/kilt pin and hose!very excited thank you so much.fastest shipping ever! Love your videos-informative and entertaining very well stocked and neat looking store,hopping to get there in the near future.thanks again

  3. I sew most of my own ties. neck ties are cut on the bias because that is the direction fabric stretches the most. The bias cut then allows the best application of the fabric to the task of bending into tight curves when being tied.

  4. Karin Baird says:

    Ties are bias cut for function. Much easier to manipulate bias fabric when wrapping and tying.

  5. I watched this whole thing almost two years after the fact and enjoyed every minute of it!

  6. castaway says:

    Great store! You guys are brilliant.

  7. What all do u sell that a woman can show off her heritage? U tend to only talk about men's things. Come on now! I'm proud of my heritage same as u men.

  8. What all do u sell that a woman can show off her heritage? U tend to only talk about men's things. Come on now! I'm proud of my heritage same as u men.

  9. Aiden Glahn says:

    Definitely a norse tartan would be a must have

  10. Linda Thrall says:


  11. Dixie Cyrus says:

    Can y'all recommend a good place for arisaids, do you sell them as well? Thank you.

  12. What if I am allergic to wool, how can I wear a kilt

  13. Scott Moore says:

    Nordic Heritage could be a cool (with a good amount of blue)

  14. If I got thru there I’d spend about $4000 grand, I so do want a kilt!”

  15. MadCity Jack says:

    I would like to consult the two of you about a custom kilt with my region's Tartan sometime in the future.
    I am possibly interested in a kilt sometime before Christmas.

  16. No one should ever carry an unsharpened blade.

  17. I'm looking for what they would where during the 1700s around the period of the French and Indian and revolutionary era

  18. John Steiner says:

    My mother's maiden name is Smith but not of the Scottish clan but of the English surname and her father's mother is of Scottish descent of the clan surname Johnston, I know that it's all on preference of what ever one wants but would you guys personally go with Smith even though it's not of the Scottish clan Smith or Johnston my great grandmother's maiden name? Any opinion, Thanks.

  19. Marcel Gomes says:

    Please, a Nordic Heritage would be great.
    As far as i know all Nordic countries have national tartans……but getting a kilt without custom ordering it is another thing.
    And in PV, forget it.

  20. Welcome to my store,welcome to my store.

  21. oshtoolman says:

    You have a great company. Very professional staff. I ordered two kilt pins. Accidently hit the order button twice! Yep, that's 4 pins. Your guys called me within 20 minutes to confirm that's what I wanted. NO!! They immediately issued a refund on one order and the other was shipped. Thank you. Very good company.

  22. straycat1674 says:

    I would happily shop small, but this past year I’ve put on 15 pounds. Nothing small about me anymore.

  23. Love your gear. Do you ship to the U.K.?

  24. Judy Hammer says:

    Lots very interesting ! I can’t watch for long because of the guy slinging his hands around in front of his fa! Very annoying ! He’s got so much to share so please cut out the long non reverent cya and hand movement!

  25. James Long says:

    Just ordered my second and third kilts from you guys today.

  26. Can you please show examples of complete U.S. military tartans including with Uncle Charlie and placement of rank patches?

  27. Scott Fuller says:

    Do you sell Scots dog clothing like wee tartan coats or kilties for Westies and Scotties or wee Border Collies….?

  28. B P says:

    Damn. Glad I knit my own hose but was hoping I could save for the hand-knit you offered

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