Baby Whisperer Shares His Secret to Calming Crying Babies

Baby Whisperer Shares His Secret to Calming Crying Babies

Pediatrician Dr. Robert Hamilton explains how his move can distract and calm your crying baby.

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17 Responses

  1. Mamata Patri says:

    How do My daughter 's long head shape massage ?pls tell me sir

  2. Вроде просто,а самой страшно так делать.

  3. Hello nice people out there.. I'm yet to try it.. Kinda afraid of the mother Bee.. 😅
    But honestly.. Question.. Isn't that kinda dangerous for the spine? Is it ok to leave the baby's head kinda freely wobbly like that?

  4. Ezi. MB says:

    I has baby fever now 🥰

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Give him some hot sauce chili, they will shut up

  6. Milpool says:

    I wouldn't take medical advice from this guy. He stood at the capitol with the Demon Sperm lady to claim that COVID is a hoax and hydroxychloroquine is the cure.

  7. kay marich says:

    Worked with my niece and when you sat down with her, she'd cry again.

  8. Lol and now they say he's not a real dr

  9. Yes, but when you stopped them, they start crying again 🙉🤦‍♂️

  10. Vecthur says:

    Hahaha the way they hold those mini humans

  11. Now its 35MILLION VIEWS 👌👌👌👌

  12. Or you just feed and valm the baby by Malung sure it get its need fulfilled.

  13. xLOVExGODx says:

    My daughter stopped crying each time “the hold” was used. Unbelievable!!!

  14. GTO AL says:

    he restricts the blood flow and puts just enough pain the baby is starts thinking about what he is doing not what is wrong with the baby.

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