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Bearded Dragon Side of TikTok

Bearded Dragon Side of TikTok

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  1. Nick Kocher says:

    My Beardies name is Drago too! around 8:00. Mine is a male though

  2. Extra toasty says:

    I heard someone say a lil cocane on ur head ti the beardy💀

  3. soup-time says:

    Does anyone have any notes for me bc I want to know more on how to take good care of my bearded dragon :0

  4. For 10m vid I got a bit grossed out no offence

  5. Me bearded dragons name is noodle and I love him so much! 🩸💎💕🦄

  6. Okay, brief explanation. My family is Mexican and I named my fancy beard dragon (yes I'm bragging about what they are because I SPENT OVER 70$ ON THEM and I AM BROKE NOW) Beanz. So when we call them, we yell ¡Oh, Frijoles!

  7. Garrett :) says:

    For anyone that knows I have a beardie and he’s fat and lazy lol would anyone have any tips to make them more active and loving cuz mine just loves his crickets

  8. Don Fields says:

    So if you live in slums the bearded dragon would be a killer pet to let roam the home at night…. self feeding so to speak

  9. I don't see much sand for the Beardies 🙁 They need sand to feel in their element. It's like declawing cats 🙁 no hate tho

  10. Not me forgetting I’m not on TickTock I’m trying to swipe up and down

  11. 6:48 I feel like that sink is too small for an adult beardie.. I have a baby beardie named Moon and first we used a small container bigger than that sink and she never moved around so we just used the bath tub and she loves it and swims around a lot!

  12. We tried feeding my beardie Moon meal worms but apparently it’s hard for them to digest, we’re trying to help her.. She’s having trouble walking on her back legs so she can’t hunt. My mom is going to buy some pumpkin purée because it should help.

  13. Pablo Cortez says:

    I have two better dragons one is orange one is yellow I like your videos

  14. Space Llama says:



    this makes me so mad

    beardies first of all cannot swim (or at least aren’t the best at it if they somehow learn to), being alone outside could cause them to be eaten by a bird or dog or something, and they absorb water through their backs so the chemicals in the pool can literally kill them if it doesn’t drown them first

    if you aren’t gonna be a good pet owner maybe ✨don’t get pets ✨

  15. thank you so much my bearded dragon mango likes to sit on my keyboard so this kept me and him busy

  16. its sad that bearded dragons as abused as much as pitbulls some times, mine was going to be released in a park in dc, usa it gets 30* F in the winter, his co-worker took him gave him grout, put him in a plastic container, never held him. He tried to bite me when i first touched his head after two months he was tame and i could sleep wit him. Me and buddy, my bearded dragon, have been together for 3 years, making him six.

  17. DoexswexU says:

    4:57 That small jump i cant stop laughing

  18. 4:58 Mans really just said "I believe I can fly"

  19. 👁👄👁 my sister has a bearded dragon but for some reason all she wants to do is cuddle. I am not joking. She will crawl up you and nestle on your neck. She is not very active, but she still is a good weight. Almost always in her hide but does go on her bridge for basking.

  20. I just got a bearded dragon and I’m already obsessed

    This is a message that I love reptiles

  21. K0mic N3rd says:

    Do not give beardies aloe Vera. Very poisonous.

  22. emo rat says:

    PLEASE PLEASE do research before getting these kinds of pets you may end up killing them because lack of proper care

  23. IR says:

    https://youtu.be/ISEOwO3I25w Tiffany the bearded dragon is 5 days constipated, what happens next ?

  24. Elric says:

    why would you put your pets food in YOUR mouth 😐

  25. Jays World says:

    that crazy bitch put a cricket in her mouth.

  26. Sareah White says:

    I am getting a bearded dragon in a mounth

  27. I didnt like that the second video had dry veggies please keep it freash with water !!!!! ….spray those veggies people !!!!!

    Most of these look so thin and have malnutrition. Please stop abusing these amazing animals(family members) for your views !!!

    Swimemily_45 …….. seriously your dragon will drown … please put it up for adoption you don't deserve such an amazing pet!

  28. My beardies name is dracozilla. He loves scratches and he poops too much

  29. 9:55 girl that bug was in your mouth, GROSS!!!

  30. Chakara Phan says:

    Aquarium in a new car with my I think it would aquarium we have to get easy hey Siri hey Siri we’re going to get to you you get it you are you taking taking we just think it isqa

  31. CloudyShane says:

    The part that says we found him 4:30 A.M his scales are black and that is not a good sign

  32. I have my own dragon her name is Nora she is a bum😑

  33. magical lps says:

    The best one has to be this one 11:00

  34. AweAlxnna says:

    My bearded dragon tried to kill me today 😂😂😂😂

  35. ItxC-Bom says:

    The girl holding the crickets in her mouth I-

  36. musafera says:

    I want a bearded dragon sooo much but I can’t afford one ❤️‍🔥🥺❤️‍🩹💔

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