Bernese Mountain Dog!!

Bernese Mountain Dog!!

Douglas alps berner…i really recommend him!!


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  1. FuzzyHusky says:

    I saw the thumbnail and thought it was real 0.o XD It's so cute though XDD <33

  2. He‘s soo cute ❤️❤️ I need him in my pack 🥰

  3. Monty says:

    I know this is old, but it's Trevor. 😀

  4. yo dad says:

    I ordered it it will be in later because Of Corona

  5. Do you know what website you bought that from? Thanks!

  6. I amdebating on getting a Barnes mountain dog plush border collie or germansheperds what do u think I should get? They all dougalas

  7. Um I am buying it from amazon and it says “Miranda Bernese dog Douglas” but I saw the pic but it doesn’t look like it when I saw I’m in YouTube videos, so when you buy it it doesn’t look like the pic??

  8. Would u like me to maybe make a trade video or the stuff I have for trade xD

  9. Awe I want a spooky puppy! Hehe

  10. So cute!! I got a signature Bernese mountain dog on eBay for 17$ I'll be making a unboxing maybe ^^

  11. Fierykinz says:

    I would love a spooky puppy 😂❤️

  12. aww you got Trevor :3 alps is the really big one. ^ ^

  13. Oh it's adorable I want it haha!

  14. sky says:

    It's so cute! You made a good choice x3

  15. AnAccount says:

    Whoa, dang! Just tried to watch your video whisky'd up right now, but it said it was copyright from SME or something like that! Can you probably check what's going on with it? Thanks!


  16. Aw, the Douglas's are so cute! In fact, I actually have the Australian shepherd Douglas! It's in my Christmas haul video! Btw, congrats on getting that! ITS SO FLIPPIN CUTE.

  17. AnAccount says:

    First! Awww! It's so adorable! Oh yeah, are you actually selling the spooky puppy? Because if you are, can you make a video showing her? I want to see what she looks like!

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