BOLO PLUSH? – Thrift with me – Sourcing plush and toys to resell on Ebay and Mercari – Zugly Monster

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Hello, welcome and THANK YOU for watching this video!
We are always on the hunt for vintage/retro and modern toys/collectibles!
We go to the Goodwill BINS Outlet weekly. We also swing by thrift stores, flea markets and other fun places to find some awesome and unique treasures. I will keep or resale some of these items I find in my toy booths or EBAY, it’s always nice to make some extra cash on items you find in the wild. In these videos will be peppered in some blind bag/box openings, food and visits to fun locations!

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One thought on “BOLO PLUSH? – Thrift with me – Sourcing plush and toys to resell on Ebay and Mercari – Zugly Monster

  1. prob too late now but I don't know about putting plush in the washing machine that has felt on it, (his tooth) I don't know why today eBay links are not showing up for me, I'd love to see what your fugly looks like after washing… please msg me your eBay link, thanks

  2. HELLO MONIC & IVAN SORRY 4 the spelling MONIC 4 Ur name if I spelled it wrong. AMAZING find on the BOOKS & ??? If U ALL know about EPHEMERA {VINTAGE PAPER or PENS or BLACK & WHITE PICTURES or mainly alot of people buy the HOLIDAYS SEASON PAPER THAT U DECORATE WITH? Less 2 store & it sells WELL; GOOGLE about it if U want 2 ??? Just a SUGGESTION! ❤

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