BOLO PLUSH? – Thrift with me – Sourcing plush and toys to resell on Ebay and Mercari – Zugly Monster

BOLO PLUSH? – Thrift with me – Sourcing plush and toys to resell on Ebay and Mercari – Zugly Monster

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Hello, welcome and THANK YOU for watching this video!
We are always on the hunt for vintage/retro and modern toys/collectibles!
We go to the Goodwill BINS Outlet weekly. We also swing by thrift stores, flea markets and other fun places to find some awesome and unique treasures. I will keep or resale some of these items I find in my toy booths or EBAY, it’s always nice to make some extra cash on items you find in the wild. In these videos will be peppered in some blind bag/box openings, food and visits to fun locations!

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25 Responses

  1. Lone Prepper says:

    I just bought a kitty kitty kitten calico plush 1992 tyco, for 25p πŸ˜‚ it’s listed on Auction start Β£45 selling for Β£75+ on eBay UK $100+ US

  2. Nelli says:

    The dummy doll does resemble Slappy from the Goosebump sesries. Slappy wears black & white tho.

  3. Doctor : how did you get a black eye?
    Monique: well walt disney book came out of no where

  4. Hustle "Q" says:

    That was a cool plush. Great find. BOO BOO STAINS!!!!.

  5. Paula Gill says:

    Nice to see you finding neat things hope the monster does well🀞but please don't wash him in a machine just surface wash with a sponge and detergent .πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸ˜¬

  6. turtlemom306 says:

    I found a Zugly yesterday too! Mine has the full chain and lock on it. I got the blue one.

  7. Nancy morris says:

    prob too late now but I don't know about putting plush in the washing machine that has felt on it, (his tooth) I don't know why today eBay links are not showing up for me, I'd love to see what your fugly looks like after washing… please msg me your eBay link, thanks

  8. Bozzy says:

    How much did the superman sale for? You mentioned the others but skipped him. It's fine if you don't wanna say but figured maybe you forgot.

  9. My wife and I are enjoying your episodes. Found you watching TendoπŸ‘πŸΌShow your Batman collection in a future episode. Keep up the good work.😊

  10. I’d love to buy Doug from you!!!

  11. Collin D says:

    Almost 2000 subs your so close

  12. prince Eric's dog on the little mermaid is max

  13. FLA MOMA says:

    HELLO MONIC & IVAN SORRY 4 the spelling MONIC 4 Ur name if I spelled it wrong. AMAZING find on the BOOKS & ??? If U ALL know about EPHEMERA {VINTAGE PAPER or PENS or BLACK & WHITE PICTURES or mainly alot of people buy the HOLIDAYS SEASON PAPER THAT U DECORATE WITH? Less 2 store & it sells WELL; GOOGLE about it if U want 2 ??? Just a SUGGESTION! ❀

  14. Did you have a store in LB? If so, where? Have you tried Woolite Spray Foam upholstery cleaner? Used it on 2 filthy chairs, made them new. Toonsylvania $8

  15. Enjoyed the video! Thank you!!

  16. The dummy is from Toy story 4

  17. also when you put plush in the washer, put them in a mesh laundry bag too – less likely for something to get tangled/ripped or scuffed up (especially if it has hard parts, like plastic eyes)

  18. The Kingpin of Plush strikes again!!!…

  19. Monique beat me to it …wwith the dogs name…lol Doug…such a good movie…🎈🎈🎈🎈

  20. The fake dog from the beginning of Ace Ventura. HAHAHA LOL!!

  21. Michael Keaton is best Batman!!!

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