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Civil War – Slash & Myles Kennedy – Rare Acoustic – MAX Sessions 2010 – Best Quality 480p

Civil War – Slash & Myles Kennedy – Rare Acoustic – MAX Sessions 2010 – Best Quality 480p

Civil War Rare Acoustic Version
Slash & Myles Kennedy @ the MAX Sessions 2010

Myles Kennedy forgets the lyrics half way through!

High quality 480p upload, no black bars.

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24 Responses

  1. Le Ducanh says:

    What the name of guitar maton ??

  2. Vilson Souza says:

    Que música maravilhosa, o Slash arrebenta, mesmo com alguns errinhos kkk e o Kennedy diversas vezes melhor que o Axl Rose!

  3. Vilson Souza says:

    Someone listening this in 2022?? Kennedy much better than Axl Rose

  4. Raven Claw says:

    Miles should play the rhythm on this song so it better match of slash lead

  5. Matt Trella says:

    Who would of thought hearing this in 2022 it would have such a meaning? Stay strong America 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Awesome myles kennedy. Not so awesome slash lol. Its his fucking song! Myles did it better

  7. Dalton Riley says:

    I swear slash can play any instrument in the world and make it look easy

  8. Todas las bandas de hard rock en playlist en este canal entrar y suscribirse gracias

  9. Sam L says:

    Myles is so underrated bro

  10. BubblePuppy says:

    More respect for slash of he didn't need the Halloween costume

  11. I remember watching this live as 9 year old boy and going to his gig days before

  12. Reading slashes book, knowing where he came from, makes you wonder how he came to be a great musician!

  13. Those bands on lower notes by slash is literally sick

  14. Aldo Lira says:

    Só não toco assim como o Slash porque não tenho um violão desse..kk

  15. Slash good, honest singer sucks

  16. The acoustic guitar looks so nerdy on slash tbh 🤣

  17. Q bien . A Axel rose no llega ni ahí pero al 100 me gustó mucho la voz

  18. Olsi says:

    Tribute to anyone that doesn’t think slash is the best

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