Come Thrift With Me | Goodwill & Salvation Army | In Store Try On | Clothes & Home Goods

Come thrift with me at Goodwill & Salvation Army! We go with no goal – other than to have a good time!

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📚 Chapters 📚
00:00​ – Welcome and THANK YOU SO MUCH!
00:42 – Come thrift with me Store #1
00:51 – Household items
04:41 – Clothing
07:59 – Dressing room try on
09:59 – Haul #1
11:51 – Store #2
12:10 – Household items
14:58 – Household haul store #2
16:04 – Clothing
17:16 – Try on #2
20:57 – One last try on
22:11 – Don’t forget to subscribe

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One thought on “Come Thrift With Me | Goodwill & Salvation Army | In Store Try On | Clothes & Home Goods

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  2. Why, why, why did you leave that beautiful dress behind, the lovely floral one? Perfect for Easter or to wear out to a nice restaurant.
    The one at about 5:15 on the video.

  3. JoDee!!! That sweater dress looked GORGEOUS on you! The color complemented your skin tone and your hair color and the cut/fit really accentuated your curves. I really liked the way it looked on you.

  4. I can so relate to wanting to get something, knowing I don't need it, and hesitating to put it back! You ended up with a pretty good haul. I love that gold mirror especially!

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