Cuddle barn Animated "Cowabunga Clause"

Cuddle barn Animated "Cowabunga Clause"

This thing is literally Amazing…! I really recommend getting him. He’s just a great item

I got this off Amazon if you want to find one!


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  1. The hell is with all the dislikes?

  2. 360 101 says:

    Does it had a battery compartment on the bottom of his feet?

  3. ToyLover 17 says:

    Awesome buy!!!

  4. Great Santa Claus! I might buy him because he looks so cool, and I love the song! How much was he?

  5. Come on what the heck is wrong with the animatronic?

  6. Marty Snow says:

    I’m making a custom spinning snowman

  7. Sorry for the video glitch at 0:32

  8. Amber Brown says:

    Never seen this before lol! Btw I liked ur vid

  9. I’m spamming likes on this video so we can defeat the dislikes

  10. Why that many dislikes, it must be a group of people disliking peoples videos
    Jan 2019 starts off: ian statrs drama then everyone else dose
    Jan 2020 starts off: some Radom dude disliking everyones videos even tho they did nothing
    Jan 2021 starts off: sOmE rAdOm DuDe RaNtS oN a GoD uSeR

  11. Chris Brown says:

    Tails Productions I'm making my custom spin a star

  12. Chris Brown says:

    Never seen this before

  13. why so many dislikes?

  14. The first time I saw this thing, 3 years later, I never thought they'd finally release this thing! Made in 2016, released in 2019!

  15. How Much!?!?!!?!??!?!?

  16. Yeah, he's cool. Although I still like the Gemmy Surfin' Santa and that one wobbler more.

  17. i bet you got it cause of the song

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