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Cuddle Barn Dalton the Storytelling Dragon Without Fur

Cuddle Barn Dalton the Storytelling Dragon Without Fur

This is a really charming little animatronic. Hope you like it!

Thanks so much for watching! You’re awesome!

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I love requests, but please be aware I cannot buy any toys brand new. I peruse thrift stores for the animatronics in my videos. I prefer they are well loved and used before they find their way to me.



26 Responses

  1. 360 101 says:

    I had the unicorn but I burn it

  2. His fur looks like figment the epcot dragon

  3. Its like mother goose. Story telling goose

  4. memethyst says:

    "and almost froze to death"
    well that caught me off guard…

  5. Emma Quiring says:

    request: Furreal Friends Torch, my blazing dragon without fur plz

  6. He sounds right at home with the peanuts gang, if you ask me.

  7. This is awesome! Btw, I subscribed! 😁

  8. Love this channel. Could you do a Master Moves Mickey without fur?

  9. do a rock n roll elmo whitout fur plissss

  10. Lucy C says:

    Hello I like your video so much. From Timmy

  11. He sounds like he doesn't want to read this XD

  12. brady bunch says:

    Yes! I've been waiting for this!

  13. it would be funny if u put an elmo head on it

  14. ToyLover 17 says:

    I know you’ve answered this many times for other users, but I’ve forgotten; what do you use to edit your videos again?

  15. The One Time says:

    Basically 2017 teddy ruxpin before 2017 teddy ruxpin was 2017 teddy ruxpin, if I am correct.

  16. Looks like a duck got naked at a skating rink party.

  17. Hang Bawi says:

    Wothout fur Elmo hokey pokey pleaase

  18. TSS_Moon says:

    I love purple and dragons so thises perfekt

  19. "Ugly duckling froze to death and dies!" Thanks for the story… *Dragon*…

  20. Knight Guy says:

    How long is each story? That would be a lot of digital audio storage on one animatronic toy. I wanna get one of those now its cute

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