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Destroy Rare Huge Douglas Monarch Lion Stuffed Animal Shredded!

Destroy Rare Huge Douglas Monarch Lion Stuffed Animal Shredded!

Monarch was the king of the room, Ive gotten newer plush and this lion was so big. Trivia: When the Lion King Simba plush was made by Douglas, this was the base pattern used, you can see some of the similarities between the paws and the body. Was made in the US as well! This design has been Douglas’s mascot for a very long time.


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  1. jolf König says:

    Can you adult big simba lion the king plush trash ?

  2. jolf König says:

    Da gegen hätte ich nicht ei zu wenden

  3. jolf König says:

    Lionplush destruction very nice

  4. Je vais te faire pareille tu va voir au moins tu les laissera tranquille il on rien fait

  5. jefff341 says:

    What will happen when you sit on the big unicorn ride/jump it haha? Or art on the big unicorn ?

  6. Justin says:

    If I might make a suggestion, it might be nicer to tear these limb from limb rather than just pulling it apart all at once. Then it sort of ends up looking like simply tearing fabric apart. Still you did a great job, keep up the good work 🙂

  7. What was it fill with, it no polyester. Still would love it in one piece.

  8. joe doherty says:

    I gotta say I kinda hate that stuffing so good riddance!

  9. Cue Queen's song Another One Bites The Dust 😉

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