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Destroying Disney Pocahontas Meeko Stuffed Animal Douglas

Destroying Disney Pocahontas Meeko Stuffed Animal Douglas

Meeko is shredded and sent to be trashed. The raccoon had it coming. To be honest, this foam stuff practically destroys the fabric by acidifying as it breaks down over time..areas were pretty much as easy as paper to rip.

Reuploaded in 1080p, there seems to be a slight glitch in the first couple frames, the video editor obviously does not like merging two videos…sound still is a little off sync, but better than previous upload…probably has something to do with the merge as well.


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  1. Le pauvre tu deravis être honteux

  2. 妖怪rumia says:

    Everybody is talking about the raccoon but the insides look like popcorn

  3. purg77 says:

    Awesome mate! Perfect work shredding that shitty old toy

  4. Awesome work!!! A great way to bring an old plush to its end. I hate that foam too. Love your creativity.

  5. congrats you just destroyed a plush worth $400.
    not the best looking plush IMO and i hate foam filled toys and it was fun watching you destroy it however they are worth a good amount of money so IMO a bit stupid too destroy it.

  6. John C says:

    Bye stupid meeko. Enjoy your new home hehe.

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