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Devil Artemis Outro Theme Official "Let Me Write You A Love Song" Original Remix

Devil Artemis Outro Theme Official "Let Me Write You A Love Song" Original Remix

My outro music that EVERYONE keeps asking me for. Enjoy guys!

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24 Responses

  1. I've been trying to find this 😅🖤

  2. Bring back this beauty to life

  3. Jekahn Turua says:

    Pretty nice
    "I'm vibing to this"

  4. why does this sound like Cartman from South Park

  5. baki says:

    thank the DA gods for this masterpiece

  6. God dayyyyyyyuuuuuum this slaps harder than shallot in a shark suit

  7. Potato Dude says:

    I feel so old now, I remember when this was first used and now it's 3 years after you released the first song, time is slipping by me

  8. TheGuy says:

    this song is the kind of song to hear when its night, and you get a cool breeze. If youre ever in the car, and its night with some cool air, put this song on. It fits.

  9. MUTeki says:

    Please put this on spotify

  10. GojoRamsay says:

    You need to put these on Spotify or SoundCloud

  11. anyone here in 2021 or just me

  12. John Cena says:

    "I Wanna Write You a Love Song, Let Me Write You a Love Song🎶"
    Perfect Cell: "No, I do not want a love song, nor do I want you to write me a love song!!"

  13. Chimbie97 says:

    Do you know the ……. Love ❤️ song🎧 ?

  14. Bro this something you will play in your car when you are driving on a highway

  15. Relax -_- says:

    I came for the outro back in the day maaan

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