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Diamond Select Toys Interview with Zach Oat at Toy Fair 2014

Diamond Select Toys Interview with Zach Oat at Toy Fair 2014

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27 Responses

  1. I hope Diamond Select Toys makes a Leader Figure (The Hulk Villain).

  2. Wyatt Morton says:

    How can they not do Rhino, but they will be able to do Groot?

  3. Barley got into marvel select and i gota unleashed hulk and preordered a venom ms from toywiz and i cant wait im hoping they re release flash thompson venom so gonna save up for that one have my fingers crossed X3

  4. I hope we get a Fassbender Magneto from Diamond Select. That'd be badass. Even if its one character, at least they give us an X-Men movie figure. Not like stingy-ass Marvel Legends. I just hope we don't have to wait until fall.

  5. great interview, hope all those comic related marv select are from spiderman!

  6. Dear God, I hope it is Wolverine. Please be Wolverine, Marvel Select!

  7. Any advice on how to tak care of Marvel Select figures?

  8. Hell yes man! Great interview.

  9. I think the x men dofp ms is wolverine

  10. Kylo Binks says:

    they should get the old spiderman and doc  ock set back from marvel select. because I use to have it and it was really good

  11. Negan says:

    What a great year for DST! Those Godzilla Minimates at the end look super cool.

  12. Tyler Keats says:

    Maybe a diamond select cable figure

  13. dEviLsDuE says:

    Damn good segment!! This really makes me wanna dabble more in Diamond Select stuff man. Cant wait to see what characters he was talking about.

  14. neechuh says:

    I hope it's Carnage and/or Toxin. 

  15. Wait, so are they gonna rerelease Agent Venom again? Or just standard Venom?…

  16. Persnoody says:

    It better be an amazing Black Widow, we have a very very good 6 inch coming soon.

  17. I dont collect Marvel Select by any means. Im all about the Legends! But damn they are so willing to talk about their plans with more certainty! I hate watching ML interviews because they say so much with noooo details! And after stressing about missed figures not coming out and even more to probably never hit shelfs Ive learned to just not believe what they say.

    But I must say Shartimus your Getting very good with your interviews and getting a good conversation going! Im hoping you take this same approach to your whole channel, which i love, but would definitely like to see more! But regardless of what you do I'll watch lol!

  18. Jorge Paz says:

    Your getting better and better my friend keep up the great work!

  19. Travis 87 says:

    YEAH! They going to release the Venom figure again. I miss out on the first time.Oh happy day:-)

  20. Glenn Webb says:

    You did a really great job with this interview. Very natural. I'm so curious what those comics MS picks will be. I've always wanted them to do a comic Beast as they could go to town on the sculpt and the scale could probably be fudged to fit with 6 inch scale 

  21. Peen on Fire says:

    Tarantino select figures!!!

  22. Joel Fox says:

    Hob goblin and carnage would be epic as part of the secret 3. looking forward to hawkeye re release i already have the venom 🙂

  23. Shaun Das says:

    watched this for TMNT, didn't see any TMNT 🙁

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