DIY Fashion : Sharpie Hello Kitty T-Shirt Tutorial

DIY Fashion : Sharpie Hello Kitty T-Shirt Tutorial

DIY Fashion Tutorial : Make your own Hello Kitty T-shirt using sharpie permanent markers and felt. I find that working with different kinds of mediums add so much fun to an outfit. You can also try making this DIY Hello Kitty T-shirt using any other kind of fabric if felt is not your favorite. Be sure to send me pictures of what you made and I hope you liked this fashion tutorial. There will be a surprise plushie video next week so I hope you guys are looking forward to it. Big Huggs!
Note: Head on to my blog for more sharpie tips.
Things you need:
Sharpie Fine Tip Permanent Marker ( Original)
Black Felt
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Rilakkuma Strawberry Plushie Tutorial: (how to do blanket stitches replacing fell stitches)

Basic Stitching Tutorial:

How to do embroidery for your plushies eyes:

How to do a blanket stitch when things are in the way:

Basic stitching tips and tricks:

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29 Responses

  1. Amaya Tomma says:

    Does the sharpie bleed after you wash it?

  2. Wendy Teresa says:

    Where do you live ? And are you French ?

  3. and here I meet a fellow kitty lover ! 😀

  4. MollysDollys says:

    this is adorable i can imagine this with some tights that i have with little hello kitty faces in gold all over them 🙂

  5. I have a tutorial for that 😀 check out my bow tie necklace tutorial

  6. JERSEYGIRL says:

    Hey can u do a tutorial using a Sharpie on a T-shirt please it doesn't matter what it is. Thank You!:)

  7. stephvniemae says:

    super adorable <3 i love hello kitty

  8. Miri Lim says:

    its nice please make a lot

  9. it does fade a little after a few washes but it pretty much stays intact for a long long time 😀

  10. LOL! your comment made me really happy <3

  11. Miri Lim says:

    Asdfghjkl I was looking for a channel like youra I love diying

  12. Does the sharpie part look the same after you wash it?

  13. definitely a good tip, and bleeding is a pain LOL. hugs

  14. pananacakes says:

    I think this is a good tip you should put a magazine you no longer need and put it inside so if it does go through it will go onto the magazine! I Have also experience bleeding through the fabric

  15. feel free to draw it a tad lower if you like 😀 hugs

  16. Bhia Baker says:

    Awe! This is so Awesome! :> ♥

  17. i posted one 😀 go look ^_^

  18. thank you for subbing <3 this made me really happy 😀 HUGS

  19. Haha yep I made a mention about stained sharpies but omg i suck with them for some reason LOL!…so i just stick to my normal sharpies. and thank you teresa! HUGS

  20. i have an obsession with hello kitty! and hugs!


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