DIY Lavender Sachets Tutorial | How to Needle Felt and Sew

DIY Lavender Sachets Tutorial – How to Needle Felt and Sew these wonderfully fresh lavender bags for drawers, pantries, under pillows, bedside or even desk top. We fill them with fresh lavender from our shop, imported from France.

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This is the short version of our LIVE SHOW. This version has no verbal instruction. If you would like the full lesson, check out the live show here:

Lavender is calming and balancing. It is easy to needle felt and sew these sweet lavender sachets, a great beginner project for sure! If you have been looking for great gifts for moms, daughters or girlfriends, this is a wonderful and easy project to make!

Needle Felt these diy lavender drawer sachets for dreamy gifts, and hand crafted treasures that will be cherished. With a little bit of wool and small bits of linen, you can needle felt these wonderful smelling lavender sachets for your drawer, linen pantry, bedside or desk top stress reliever.

If you are looking for beginner needle felting projects, or an alternative to learning how to embroider, these lavender sachets are a great project to start needle felting with! These lavender drawer sachets will make lovely gifts for mothers, daughters and girlfriends, and they will be great offerings at your next craft show or booth.

You can felt along with us and needle felt your own lavender sachets. This is beginner friendly needle felting!

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One thought on “DIY Lavender Sachets Tutorial | How to Needle Felt and Sew

  1. Love this idea…going to take extra lavender buds we didn't use for wedding ( my dtr in law and son) and make one for new bride and sister and mom. This is such a fun project!!! Thank you!

  2. Ok, but I prefer to have the talking version, I love to have you all into my home on a regular basis. You are all so nice and enthusiastic. Love you all. I am near London, UK and normally watching a few days later than the live show.

  3. I've been busy pulling together supplies/materials to get started with wet felting and thought I wasn't interested in needle felting UNTIL I saw this project! What great gift possibilities and versatile too as you could felt different flowers and put other fragrances inside. Many thanks!

  4. Great idea, but I personally don't like the music on any tutorial as it takes away from concentration especially if a person doesn't like the music. And if I click on a persons tutorial and they can't or don't speak I just simply don't watch it. And Marie, you know that everyone watches WW just to see everyone and hear your voice explaining things. Couldn't you do the same thing without music and you do a voice over?

  5. I agree with all the comments here but I would love to see a minimal use of text to explain those parts where the visual is not quite enough to illustrate what is being done. I love what you guys do but I don’t always have the time to devote to watching the whole live video.

  6. I wouldn't want to lose the live show as that has a social component that I love, but I am delighted to have this version too. I like to re-watch tutorials and spend a lot of time FF to the critical parts and in this video you have done that. You guys are so awesome!

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