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DIY Your Own K Pop Fashion Clothes! BLACKPINK Inspired Music Video Outfits

DIY Your Own K Pop Fashion Clothes! BLACKPINK Inspired Music Video Outfits

Recreate adorable and affordable outfits from kpop superstars BLACKPINK. Subscribe for more easy DIY hacks and crafts https://goo.gl/mc8AeU

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Nothing says fun fashion like these Blackpink looks. So let’s recreate our own outfits inspired by our favorite K-Pop band! These looks are gorgeous, creative and easy to make!
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For our first Blackpink inspired look, you’re gonna need a red mini-dress. Bye-bye sleeves. Now, cut the dress up the side at the seam. Line up the fabric and punch holes along the seamline. Then thread a piece of white rope through the holes. Tie the rope at the bottom. Now, put on a pair of red sweatpants, and put some black stiletto boots. Pull the sweatpants leg down over the leg of the boot. Then, put a red sock on over the boot, and cut out a little hole for the heel to poke through. Tuck the sweatpants into the socks, and cut the sweatpants at the thigh, so you’re only wearing the legs. Pin the pant legs to the dress in the back, and add a little bling to the front. We combined two looks into one, and we are totally loving it!



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  2. I am actually here searching for an appropriate outfit to make a dance video and your video is really helpful,and I gonna make it today🙃🙂

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  4. They : They have even outfits for creating

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  6. Love blackpink BTS now united i Am army uniter e blink i Am brazil

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    Plot twist: This is where all the people that cover blackpink songs and have literally the same clothes as them come…

  8. But we don't have all of this material s

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  10. Hey can you do DIY BTS clothes hack 😅 please

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    Blackpink is the revolution😎😎

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    I hope more about blackpink outfits…

  14. Can you do it from "how u like that" song

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