Don't Be Sad while watching this video…

Don't Be Sad while watching this video…

Don’t Be Sad while watching this.. you will 97.12% failed to this.
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23 Responses

  1. RainbowX says:

    Once you record proof, you will get your free shoutout!
    Harder challenge hahah:

  2. I feel like I’ve seen something like this before like dhar Mann or something

  3. Elena says:

    I'm not sad. Only animals can make my cry

  4. Aabroo Awan says:

    I made through this video, gimme shout out now lol jk

  5. Miguel says:

    we should not jugde people by their goverment, look, belives. we should judt them by their heart

  6. Do not look at comments or spoilers!

  7. People who get sad : know how to live doesnt drink alcohol. Also aren't abusing anyone.

    People who DOESNT get sad: 1% so abusive, 0.00001% chance that they drink alcohol, and also 0.000001 chance are Prevert.

  8. Mia Slezina says:

    I won I didn’t even cry

  9. DibsRideb says:

    Dhar MaN: Always Remember to PaY it Forward!

  10. I don’t know how to record it and send it but I did not get sad even though it really hard

  11. I WON!!!!!!! P.S I am serious I actually won!!!!!!!

  12. I won yay!!!!!!! P.S I am actually serious I won!!!!!!!

  13. I was sad when I clicked cus I was thinking of my dead cat and the rest of the video I thought of him

  14. Bro im trying but i cant cry lol us there any tutorial how to cry

  15. Ayan Shaikh says:

    I m crying after see this this is very heart touching video

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