Ebay Resell: HUGE Plush Toy Haul

Ebay Resell: HUGE Plush Toy Haul. Check out what I found at my local Goodwill for resell on Ebay.
Stay tuned for the ride along video, technical issues are causing a delay in uploading time.


One thought on “Ebay Resell: HUGE Plush Toy Haul

  1. I’ve never heard of a goodwill selling anything in certain amounts for a price. That’s awesome. These are so cute. I would buy more plush that way. All the ones I’ve been to have prices for each one. And they started raising the prices. Most plush are $3-$5. Even seen some for $10+ so I can’t buy plush at goodwill to resell because they are so expensive 😭I try to look in yard sales now.

  2. Awesome Plush Haul! I love watching Plush videos. I hope your channel has grown it shows on 29 subs so I sub’d you. New Sub here the dog if you still have him the breed is a Jack RUSSELL I love him for I have a jack and a Pappillion dogs. They are like my kids. A lot of them I think can go for higher than what you said. The Kelly Plush aren’t the popular and good prices💞💜

  3. Curious to know what you got for the palace pets? Those were a great find-I would expect no less than $20 a piece on those! 💖. Enjoyed this video. Am an adult plushie collector myself 👌🏽 I’m curious to know if they all sold? I love to watch videos solely about plushies. They are my fav

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