ELUSIVE SILVER GHOST on lures! Catching Mulloway on lures

Couldn’t help myself and returned to the area where i caught my first jewfish – and it paid dividends! Hope you enjoy!
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One thought on “ELUSIVE SILVER GHOST on lures! Catching Mulloway on lures

  1. Great vid mate!!👌 Why do you think they sit there? Is there a deep hole or something? Just trying to figure them out in the river, they can be really weird sometimes. 😆👍

  2. Awesome work mate, well done!! You'll get a monster one soon I bet, it's great that you've found a spot that looks like it regularly holds fish. When you changed over to a normal jighead, were you getting many snags? Or was it pretty good if you cast far enough out from the rocky edges. Cheers mate

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