fishing with hot dogs as bait catches 50 Fish in 1 hour

fishing with hot dogs. Another fishing video and yes another experiment worth watching. This time I’m fishing using only a hotdog as bait. Fishing in the Yarra channel under the West Gate Bridge for just over 1 hour I manage to catch over 50 fish. Wow!! Surprising which house hold items make good bait and having no other bait available I decided to fish with hot dogs or skinless Frankfurt’s on a paternoster rig and the results were very surprising.

So next time your keen to have a fish and don’t have any pilchards, worms, blue bait, pipis or mussels hanging around why not give hot dogs or even bread a go. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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One thought on “fishing with hot dogs as bait catches 50 Fish in 1 hour

  1. That’s a lot of fish for an hr! I’ve only recently discovered your channel and in the few that I have watched thus far, I noticed that you don’t really set the hook on a fish bite. You tend to just lift to put pressure on the fish instead of hard jerks like many others including myself. Why is that? I think you might be on to something.

  2. Hi Alan! I was wondering what would you recommend if I wanted to do a lot fishing like in this video and also a lot of pier fishing. The savage gear 1dfr inshore 6 ft or 6 ft 6? Cheers man. Keep up the great video content man!

  3. Great video mate. Just shows when they're hungry and competing with each other for a feed, they will eat anything. Reminds me of when I was in my mid teens, (probably 1990-92), me and my mates, between four and six of us, used to have our own fishing comps in the Maribyrnong river, up around Kealba. Just catching carp, tench, roach and the odd redfin. I was always runner-up to my best mate, every time. He always won, and I always came second! Always! This one day, probably the fifth comp, he had three fish and everyone else, myself included, had zero. I was sitting back eating fish n chips, having given up basically, and on a whim, threw some chip on the hook, and bang, up came a fish. A roach. So it was 3-1. More chip on the hook. Then another roach! Now it was 3-2! All of a sudden, it was game on! In the end, I still came runner-up though. I never did beat him. (I always won the table tennis comps though!) But when maggots, worms, bread and corn don't work……how about some hot chips fishy's!!!

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