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GBRS Group – History Of MAS Grey

GBRS Group – History Of MAS Grey

In anticipation of the release of the new GBRS Group Assaulter Belt System in MAS Grey, DJ gives us a brief history of MAS Grey and its origins as the Maritime Assault Suit (MAS) that was widely used by the U.S. Navy SEALs for maritime operations. He also shared some of his personal experiences with the MAS suit during his time in the military.
GBRS Group V2 Assaulter belt in MAS Grey will be available Jan 29 at 1300 EDT.



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  1. kheen01 says:

    I need more of those GBRS/LBT MAS gray shirts in black. I didn't know it had the collab logo on it till I saw it on this vid. Would've bought if I knew, I love your guys' collab logo, it looks awesome

  2. GolfGuy says:

    I would murk these dudes in airsoft. Just kidding but I’m good. Also just kidding.

  3. We need to call Don Shipley and verify if this guy's a Navy SEAL

  4. Tony Cumella says:

    Thank you for your service, you mean the world to us ! It’s warriors like you that keep America safe ! God bless you and your Family and God Bless America !!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  5. Byron Branch says:

    I can't stop buying their damn shirts. And now they got a grey one 😭😭😭

  6. Norm Wilson says:

    Don’t forget to turn off the lights…

  7. Krav Stema says:

    Excellent video. I hope to see you guys offer Mas Grey bdu’s and apparel to the puplic as well. Kokatat made the first Mas Grey with the Mass suit, then there’s Bluewater Defense Underway BDU’s, and LBT’s line of MG gear. Who came first after kokatat? And where can I get a handy dandy neck ring

  8. SS says:

    Great color for urban law enforcement operations too

  9. Shaun B says:

    Picked up the belt right when it dropped tried looking for the med pouch sold out 🙁 Ranger green goes awesome with this btw…

  10. Korven Burns says:

    Looks like Ranger green. Is it the navy’s take on Ranger green?

  11. Joe Sutinen says:

    Only a little upset because this news came out like a day after I got my RG belt 😅

  12. D Rhodes says:

    If last night was some your buddies, tell them thanks and fuck yeah!

  13. Nobody says:

    Hey SEALs let me ask you?
    Why don't you want to show hand to hand combat skills? Like knife in CQB or something like that.
    I think that is could be really intresting
    I just random russian guy with bad english that served in military only one year (we can't say no) as a cook but that has a passion on all SEALs stuff.
    Update: and i was j

  14. Black Delta says:

    Dude ….Harrison Ford is a NAVY SEAL ?????????????????? He looks good, …looks like he's been lifting!

  15. N G says:

    cute dog collar ya got on

  16. N G says:

    dont F with us
    funny that is on their wall cause they all kissed the ring for their toys and privileges
    unless these guys are bootlickers and are stating dont F with "us" the "feds"

  17. Man the guy from the Seal team show looks like you! The Sonny character🙌

  18. Dexter says:

    Dj you are such an inspiration! Thank you for your service sir! Wish I had a fraction of the courage you have.

  19. Thanks for the video and informative information.

  20. Leotovik says:

    digging everything you guys are doing man!

  21. Trade in your arms for tree trunks boss?

  22. borebrush says:

    So whats the preferred TTP for burping farts outta the dry suit? Sleeve, chest zipper or mainline the neck seal?

  23. chris Ybarra says:

    Kind of how it works ? Right ?

  24. Jack Edwards says:

    I call it "MASA grey" Love my LBT carrier, wasn't able to get masa grey due to it being out of stock though.

  25. How tall is this guy? It looks like his head is about to touch the ceiling.

  26. Joel Reed says:

    Does DJ actually wear those Defcon Vans? those things are going on priceless! hard to find now? any chance of GBRS doing a vans collab?

  27. Mac200554 says:

    Love what you guys are doing, I love how you guys are not only challenging shooting doctrine, but also showing us why that challenge makes sense. Also, thank you guys for your service.

  28. I’m just a regular army infantry guy that just got out and is going into law enforcement and I think what you guys do is fantastic. I wish you the best in growing your company and thank you for being willing to pass hard learned lessons on to others.

  29. homes24 says:


  30. DJ…kick Ass info…thank you

  31. Adam Griffin says:

    Just got your SBS in the mail today. Thing is Legit, wish I had it back in the day when I needed it! Also was really hoping to see DJ don the MAS, carrier and all.

  32. thank you for not blurring your face. that sht is super annoying.

  33. Kevin Hudson says:

    I’d be all in but as it’s going jack Carr and the rest are supporting black rifle. We all need to make sure we are not going along with the scam.

  34. jett says:

    Hey it’s Dj’s face

  35. This is perfect content bro. Get in the field mentally. And break it down.

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