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GROGU (Baby Yoda) 10 inch PLUSH REVIEW – They Don't Call These CUUTOPIA For No Reason (MATTEL)

GROGU (Baby Yoda) 10 inch PLUSH REVIEW – They Don't Call These CUUTOPIA For No Reason (MATTEL)

Review of the 10 inch Grogu (Baby Yoda) Cuutopia Plush that was recently released. I’m unboxing him, showing you his details, and comparing him to the 20 inch Costco Exclusive version. Plus, I show you the other Star Wars Cuutopia that are available.

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15 Responses

  1. See Rad says:

    Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for the video with the even smaller one !

  2. I need the ewok to complete my set 🥰 love them

  3. Tam M says:


    (you forgot to put the link up in the corner that you pointed to)

  4. Joyce Lovell says:

    Just ordered mine! Thank you for contributing to my baby yoda obsession 🤣

  5. Oh man, I'm a sucker for the little feeties! 😍 Since I literally just got the Ginormous Target plush, I couldn't justify the Cuutopia one at that size but a 10" version??? I figure it's fate since I found the biggest Squishmallow and the smallest but not the 10" one in between soooooo… 💸💸💸 Lol! Great review! 💚

  6. Ashley B says:

    LOVE the shirt! Does it glow? Either way it's totally rad.
    What a face. Look at those little feeties 😊 So adorable.
    I think they're both cute but I like the eyes on the big one a little more.
    The Ewok one looks really cute.
    Great video 😎

  7. darren says:

    Hi I'm a massive gorgu fan and always follow your cool vids im from the UK and I cannot find the neck.pillow can you please helllllpppp mee

  8. Mando says:

    Nice little plush. I'm looking to get the build a bear version of the little guy.

  9. Electra King says:


    I don’t own any of those! I might cave and get a small one…

    Must share this story….

    I went food shopping in town, and happened to park across from a car that had the small Baby Yo Squishmallow on the dashboard!

    I wanted to wait and see if the person came out, so I could complement it, and share my Baby Yo love, haha! (Of course, I didn’t , because that would be creepy, but it’s always awesome to see a Baby Yo fan! I always compliment a person’s Baby Yo item when I see them 😄)

  10. Hello, the small one cuutopia I found it in five below. Just in case.

  11. Hi Krista and fisher love your vidos

  12. Hi Krista, I love your t shirt and hat they're awesome! The adorable squishy babies looks so cuddly and sweet! Also you should really get the Boba, I wanna get the Boba! 😊

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