Hedwig, the Pythonic Robotic Owl v0.3

A python script running on my linux laptop checks Hedwig’s mailbox, flapping its wings every time a new e-mail arrives.
A LEGO City Hub under the base is running Pybricks firmware and accepting commands through the Nordic UART Service.
M-Motor mounted as seen in @grohl666 video ‘Motorizing Hedwig in less than a minute. LEGO 75979 MOD’ (https://youtu.be/mgUnu70IjcI)
The motor wiring could be more hidden but didn’t give up the idea of hidden the motor under the base, close to the Hub. Also want to make a hidden button to power the Hub ON/OFF.
Sound track: “Go Go Gadget Rockstar” by “The Whole Other”
Details and source code: https://github.com/JorgePe/randomideas/tree/master/Hedwig


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