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Here's What I Found At The Goodwill Bins To Resell Online

Here's What I Found At The Goodwill Bins To Resell Online

Let me know if you’re interested in joining me for a work session live stream. We could talk work or whatever while answering any questions from viewers.

Here is more stuff from our Goodwill Bins sourcing trip from last month. I have a lot more to go through and it’s fun to see what’s buried in the bags. I’m working hard to get it all listed so we’ll be ready for another trip in a month or two.

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  1. Holly Long says:

    Hi Rebel! I just found you through Bolo Buddies and I am really loving your channel! I love listing toys and plush so watching you is really enjoyable! New Subscriber here!

  2. Lori Gene says:

    I was seriously just thinking about creating a Facebook group to do this I am 100% down Nick it’s so lonely I work from home by myself every day, I live in a pretty remote place so it would be awesome if you did something like this I would be totally interested!

  3. Fun haul! Do you steam all plush, or just the ones you aren't going to wash in the washer?
    I sent you an email.

  4. Good Haul Rebel 👍 40 a day WOW!

  5. Tammy Bahner says:

    Hello. Love watching your videos. Do you wash plush together or do you wash each one seperately? Also what setting do you wash them? Thank you.

  6. Yeah definitely do more lives, those are fun!

  7. I would love it! I would watch!

  8. i had the child size of the little tikes house when i was little

  9. Karen Curry says:

    40 a day! That’s fantastic!

  10. Hi Rebel, some of the plush names you are going through are not familiar to me, and there aren’t comps that you post with the title. I’m hearing impaired, could I beg you to put the plush manufacturer name in the place where you usually show the comps? I never did catch the name of the wooden dog. Sorry to ask you to do more work. Thank you.

  11. Always look forward to your videos

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