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Hollow Knight- How to Find All Grubs Quick Using The Collectors Map

Hollow Knight- How to Find All Grubs Quick Using The Collectors Map

All of the grubs in Hollow Knight can be found quick and easy once you have the Collector’s Map. This item shows you the location of every grub in the game.

The collectors map is located in the City of Tears and will require access to the Love Tower. The Love tower is locked and will require the Love key which I will show you how to get in this video.

You will need to have
Isma’s Tear: https://youtu.be/dviItvS4R-I
Crystal Heart: https://youtu.be/Cl9pnOeOuwc
Desolate Dive: https://youtu.be/kkkXLyJxsZE
City of Tears Opened: https://youtu.be/AxxyeLrbG4E

How to find the Collectors Map:
1. Go to the Queen’s Gardens Station. In this area you will need to find the Love Key in this area.
2. Fast travel to the King’s Station in the City of Tears and make your way to the Love Tower Door.
3. Make your way up the Love Tower to a boss fight with the Collector.
4. Just past the Collector is his room with the Map.

You will be able to see every grub in the game whenever looking at the map.

Some Noteable Rewards:
5- Mask Shard
10- Grubsong
31- Pale Ore
46- Grubberfly’s Elegy
Note that there are 46 total Grubs to be found in Hollow Knight

Full list on the Wiki https://hollowknight.wikia.com/wiki/Grubfather
Let me know know if you would like help with any other parts of Hollow Knight down in the comments.

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26 Responses

  1. mr noob says:

    I seem to be missing a grub and its not on the map am I doing something wrong?

  2. For the cutie
    For the cutie
    For the cutie

  3. All these videos are so helpful. I'm in late game right now, I woke all the dreamers and have been (mostly) everywhere, I still need the awoken dream nail, and i'm going back with these videos to get charms i've missed

  4. Bobi 08 says:

    Grub hub perks give you deals on the food you love. doorbell That kind of deals that make you boogie. music intensifies

  5. STOOPIDKID says:

    A lot of people think the collector’s theme is unnerving but I just laugh when I hear it

  6. Slow Loris says:

    I’m glad i ripped the collector to shreds cause the grub in queen’s garden near the exit to greenpath is one of the reasons I hate platforming in this game.

  7. When you go down form the stag station, to the left there us a grub.

  8. if you need a good charm build use strength defenders crest and quick slash

  9. I beat the colecter 1st try lol

  10. Moka says:

    I suggest using quick slash so when he is staggered you can infinite stagger him until they die you need like a coiled nail though plus fragile/unbreakable strength.

  11. collector be like you see this grub father close your eyes for a sec yoinks all grubs uwu

  12. Galaxy_World says:

    ngl bro… i beat the boss first try HES SO EASY XD

  13. I just want more geo and a final pale ore, thanks for this

  14. Voyage says:

    Collecter:I'm gonna make sure their safe

    Grub father:I'm sacrificing myself for my kids evolution by eating them alive and burst me open until my last breath

  15. Imma just get unbreakable strength first before i cheese that boss

  16. I’m missing one grub and it’s not on the map. Can you please help me? I’ve looked everywhere 😭😭

  17. Happy to see I’m not the only one who does multiple times during a boss fight

  18. Apophis says:

    You can just crystal dash instead of ismas tear

  19. TinLad 07 says:

    Note: weaver song kinda sucks in this fight I had no time to heal

  20. Ned A says:

    I’ve watched almost all the major hollow knight videos and I have to say yours are by far the best and most accessible because you make it very easy to follow what you do. I don’t think people realize how hard it is to explain something in a way that it makes it easy to be able to duplicate. Anyways thank you and keep up the great work brother.

  21. TotoIsAyal says:

    what if in steel soul mode the collector could drop elder baldur's and primal aspids?

  22. Daniel Wong says:

    this is my favorite boss fight so far

  23. Swoopify says:

    the place is called tower of love, and you hear the collector making strange noises with the grub…
    i think the collector is a rapist

  24. I beat him 1st try with only my exploration setup rather easy actually my exploration setup is mark of pride quick slash nail master charm compass and gathering swarm

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