Hottest Couple Challenge

Hottest Couple Challenge


After Chad Wild Clay made “EX-Girlfriend Battle Royale”, Vy Qwaint created “The Kiss… (Part 3)”, Daniel Gizmo uploaded “Is Alie My VR Girlfriend?”, Melvin hosts the ultimate competition! Who’s the Hottest Couple of 2022! Winner gets $1000 for an epic date! Loser gets only $10 for their date! Who will win, Team Daniel & Regina (Raniel) or Team Chad & Vy (Chy)? Melvin challenges the teams to their first competition, a Body Swap! Who can do it better? Regina becomes Daniel and vice versa! Vy becomes Chad, and Chad becomes Vy! After they compete, Team Chy gets their first point! Next competition is a musical one! Who can make a better song? Team Chy wins again and onto the final challenge! Hot Sauce with difficult questions! Can Team Raniel catch up and make a comeback win? So far its Team Chy 2-0, but Daniel and Regina’s chemistry starts to show and they start making a comeback! After tying it up 4-4, Melvin hits them with one last question, winner takes all! Who wins the $1000 date? Comment below your favorite moment! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog video in 2021!

Watch my friend’s awesome videos:

Chad Wild Clay – EX-Girlfriend Battle Royale

Daniel Gizmo – Is Alie My VR Girlfriend?

Vy Qwaint – The Kiss… (Part 3)

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47 Responses

  1. Sarah Boyle says:

    My birthday is November 3rd

  2. roxy floyd says:

    i love regina and daniel

  3. roxy floyd says:

    how many kisses has vy had

  4. Npl357 says:

    Go chad and vy

  5. Pz9 is a signal Pringle

  6. Who is the rudest Spy ninja ????????

  7. Chy doesn't deserve the $1000 there mean

  8. Sally Hoare says:

    How many boys have Regina liked

  9. Melvin pount to 10doller date and 1000doller date

  10. Tonu Barik says:

    Raniel is the hottest couple 💑❤

  11. Olee Cao says:

    Question for vy. How many dates have you go on with chad.

  12. I love vy and chad videos

  13. What is Regina's favourite fruit

  14. Thats like lil nas x song

  15. Jean Ycot says:

    Melvin CA n we pls play brookhaven pls

  16. Younseuk Ryu says:

    Scramble this letters :
    Ew era eht yps ajnin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+++++++

  17. Younseuk Ryu says:

    I think regina was born in 1998

  18. Question for Daniel. Do you like each other and not telling chad,vy, and Melvin.

  19. Chad and vy are the best cuppil

  20. My birthday is on November

  21. Asif Hussain says:

    You defeted the leader but agent peters is the leader

  22. My birthday is in March 6 now hi I am seven because it was my birthday so now I am7

  23. Layla Hodges says:

    Layla do you want anything

  24. beluga cat says:

    U,m hufferpuff put my friend make me look likebslutherin

  25. My name is Ataahua

  26. I Love your videos can you wish me a happy birthday because it’s my birthday on March the 21 so it’s in 2 weeks

  27. I love yall spyninjas but I love vy more and regina I wish that they were my gf

  28. I wear fuirt of the loom

  29. Alyssa Davis says:

    Were you not join the spy ninjas what was your favorite gadget

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