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How to Drape Silk Saree to look Slim #Easysareedraping #Lachuslifestyle

How to Drape Silk Saree to look Slim #Easysareedraping #Lachuslifestyle


Hi Friends I have shared tat how to drape heavy Pattu saree like bride to look slim. Wear saree like celebrity with these hacks and tricks . Try this method u get awesome centree fleets and front fleets . I hope u all like this video don’t forget to share and comment .

Saree from Fame Bazaar
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Jewellery from Sparkle jewels
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  1. I can't understand anything speak in English

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    We are manufacturer sarees uppada soft silks handlooms sarees

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  3. priya s says:

    New va saree katravungaluku romba useful video lachu…👍👍👍

  4. Very nice sis. I am 1st time subscriber

  5. Mam…slim ah iruka…so konjam big ah kaatanum mam

  6. Gomathi G says:

    Nice sis.. Daily i have to learn something of ur video… thnk u sissy.. u r amazing looking this saree

  7. NM says:

    But sis how to take this ironed pleats in suitcase?

  8. Please make video in English very nice video but can't understand anything 😁

  9. Maaya Maaya says:

    Hi mam where you get it thi this saree mam nice looking the Sarre ma

  10. How to drape uppada tissue saree? I am facing difficult to making plates

  11. Janc Raj says:

    This is amazing!!!! Such a inspiration! Ur doing so great. I enjoy watching this, thanks for sharing dear!!! I’m a new subscriber here!!! Stay connect and enjoy this journey friend🤝

  12. Seriously IAM having same saree wid same color thanks dear for wonderful video

  13. Etha same color same saree a kita eruku sister ❤️ superbbb

  14. Saree very pretty. Where did u buy ?

  15. Super 🌟 Sister ❤️😍

  16. Adhu “Fleet” ah ilai “Pleat” ah?

  17. Sudha Aparn says:

    Mam please can you tell patli silk sarees available with u, please let me know soon with price,🙂

  18. MST channel says:

    What about your hair treatment…. Is it good now

  19. Kalai Vani says:

    How much gram ur necklace sis?? Where did u buy??

  20. Ironing table enga vanguneenga

  21. raja kalpana says:

    Super sister saree colour compination 👌👌👌

  22. Please post gold clips sister

  23. Shobana Aaru says:

    Saree colour and ur make up so pretty

  24. All is well says:

    Sis next vlog normal neckalce 4 to 5 poun katunga plzzz no stones full gold la katunga in grt

  25. Hi sis. Etha saree neingga eppo wear pannuvaingga nu wait pannittu iruthen 💞💞💞💞 etha saree la neinggasuper ra irukkingga 👌👌💕💕…use full video sis. ….pallu, felt ironing pandrathu best ….few minutes la saree drap pannalam and romba azhaga irukkum…..ennum 3 month ku ennga v2la nearaiyaa function irukku kandippa na try panndren.👍. ….silk sarees iron pandrathu konjam bayam 😓😓…carefull la try pandren. ….

  26. Akka yenakku ungakitta pesanum. na vanthu jwell set . online dress . ari work & 14 embaridari . pannittu erukken. unga chanalla . poda mudiuma plz reply pannuinga.

  27. Maha lakshmi says:

    Looking superb 👌👌👌👌

  28. How to order..? Plz whatsapp nom

  29. Very easy steps.. Where u bought this saree nd hw mch da.. Luking nice

  30. Vijay Kumar says:

    Hi sister, super video👍👍👍

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