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How to Fix Stuffed Animal Fur from Dryer Damage and More!

How to Fix Stuffed Animal Fur from Dryer Damage and More!

Did you put a stuffed animal through the dryer or is your plush toy just plain old worn out? Give it new life with some easy tips from the Classy Cheapskate! This video tutorial will show you how to fix a stuffed animal to make it look new again!



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  1. ItzJustMar says:

    Aww my ferret looks just like yours! So cute!

  2. TennoHack says:

    It's that simple? Does this damage the plush in any way?

  3. Dan Gonzalez says:

    OMFG I so miss my Popple!!!!! I had one that exact color!!!!!

  4. I do this sometimes but it just didn't work for one of mine. It had a different kind of fabric.

  5. Ayyyemossy says:

    You’re so cute I love this channel

  6. Thom Bone says:

    Please, tell us WHY you thought this magic/ferrit/whateverthatwhitestuffis thing was a good idea?

  7. antivaxxnugs says:

    I have an almost life size mountain dog, alot of brushing

  8. Rich Homie says:


  9. Linda Morgey says:

    I have tested many CBD oils. I think the CBD from Weedborn is the absolute best.

  10. would this work with squishmallows?

  11. Carla Raney says:

    That was a funny video. Thank you for your help

  12. So my niece put some type of substance on my daughter’s bear & now the fur is hard. Would I fix it the same way ?

  13. Unknown X says:

    Watching this while hugging my teddy

  14. i have a metal cat comb but for me all it did was make it less flexible (aka the fur wouldnt bend as much into the direction you stroked it in anymore) and it just feels/looks felty 🙁

  15. Mali D says:

    Ur so frikin cheesy but thanks it worked on my son's favorite stuffed cat (it's over 9 years old!)

  16. Yes so creepie I was confused so I just used a comb

  17. kawaii Ava says:

    Hi I got this old dirty vintage care bear from a garage sale and i had to put it in the dryer after washing it. I was told not to because it would “mess up the fur” but I did it anyway. It totally made the fur all dirty and a mess. Then I took a scrubbing brush for the bathroom and kitchen and now my care bear is way more fluffy! Thanks!😄😄😄


  19. Couldn't you just put it on the air dry no heat setting?

  20. what kind of the pink stuffed animal is this?

  21. Yumi chan says:

    That Popples is very lovely❤️
    Good job

  22. Lol i loved the magical change! Instant thumbs up from me 😆. Definitely about to try this out on some messed up toys 😅

  23. j j says:

    Mine lost its color 🙁

  24. sxafo says:

    youre terrifying! thank you

  25. Can’t believe that I liked a video that I don’t need.

  26. Tygravon says:

    The fact that it's a Popple is perfect. I just got one through the mail today and yeah… he definitely needs it

  27. I know it’s a 3 year old video but whoa I haven’t seen these type of dolls in ages! My sister had one and I would always flip it inside out and played ball with it. Fun times.

  28. You are a live saver! I put my bear in the dryer just thank you!🐻 🙏

  29. Very helpful after I accidentally put one of my wife's childhood plush toys in the dryer. Thank you 🙂

  30. Can i do that with old blankets that used to be very soft and stuff

  31. BeanBean says:

    Hi! I tried doing this to my little cousins plush toy, using a dog brush to fluff up the toy, and it achieved the look! But little hairs of the fine polyester fur started to fall apart, in which I'm afraid my little cousin might breathe some in and cause allergies/asthma because that's what I've noticed after doing so. I tried washing and drying it again to matte it out and make sure none of the fibers would individually fall off but they still did and it got burnt in a few spots. The plush is only a few years old but its the only one my cousin really likes. Do you have a solution for this? The fur of the plush are super fine polyester fibers (and not like the one you showed in the video). Thanks!

  32. Ram Girls says:

    Thanks! You are a lifesaver!!!!!💖

  33. I was washing my clothes and I decided to put my sisters bunny that she loved in and it was damaged. She was angry and crying, so thank you so much, it worked

  34. Just saved my husband's favorite robe using this tutorial. Thanks!

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