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How to Wash Plush Animals.

How to Wash Plush Animals.

The sharks you have seen in some of my videos, get washed. I clean them by hand since it is gentler on them, and it really does a great job.

Not mentioned in the video, if you want to use a soft brush, that should be just fine. Hope it is some good info to you.



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  1. These Sharks are happy to be in the water again. 😉🖒

  2. Lex says:

    this video was very enjoyable

  3. aiiko33 says:

    hey! thanks for the video, i do want to ask though, does this cause mold to grow in the stuffed animal? my mother threw my childhood comfort toy in the bin while i was at school lol

  4. Human Planet says:

    This is very good advice! I know this video is a tiny old, but would the stuffies mold from that?

  5. Val says:

    Where was this video when I needed it.

  6. Tillie White says:

    I've had a stuffed bear for as long as I remember, it's never been cleaned so I'm gonna try that now! hopefully it works

  7. Wouldn't it be better to put the powder in while the sink's filling to dissolve it easier?

    They look so cute in the water. 🙂

  8. Idk why but I feel like getting cuphead plushies and I need tho sec video when they get here

  9. Brvis3d R0s3 says:

    I have a bag of my old stuffed animals that I want to give to new homes. Before I do that, though, I want to wash and brush all of them so they're clean and soft for their new best friends 😀 I'll definitely edit this with how it goes! I don't have powder laundry soap but Ill be using some liquid laundry soap instead

  10. bärbel says:

    I'm here to see how to clean my furby. i just skinned this poor thing but i saved it from the trash and it’s stinky and dirty. but i ain’t gonna give up on possibly adding a new clean furby to my collection.

  11. I went to my old house and in the garage was a bag of my old toys, some I remember and they are DIRTY.

  12. Officer Oof says:

    If you dont mind me asking how did you get those sharks dirty, just want to avoid those types of situations where i get my giant bear dirty

  13. Thank youuu I need to clean the stuffy my boyfriend gave me for my birthday because I sleep with it every night and it's all dirty now so I need to clean him

  14. I’ll be washing my plush toy, Junior, in this way. Thanks for the video.

  15. Appreciate the tutorial man, my roommate pissed on my red among us plushie, stunk hella bad but this tutorial is goateed much love <3

  16. I'm gonna try this my 2 year old daughter is obsessed with baby yoda her stuffed baby yoda is covered in dirt and food and her pillow pet yoda is even dirtier

  17. its not weird to bo grown and own plushes

  18. todate i wil try it on a garfel plush thats 12+ or oldr i wandr what hapn

  19. I know it has been a few years but I need an answer for my question…

    Would the stuffing/fillings grow mold?
    Since it would not dry as well as the exterior

  20. O.H says:

    Recently thrifted some Pokemon dolls and I want to wash them. Thank you sm for the video!!

  21. It's Me says:

    I thought you weren't supposed to fully immerse plushies in water

  22. what am i spossed to do if the stuftie got a little tare mark ?

  23. my frisk plush seemeed dead so i did this with dawn soup the stains are gon now ust gotta wait for my frick to become frisk

  24. i have to wash my most special stuffed animal today because he got really dirty recently, this video was so helpful and reassuring that he’d be okay 💕

  25. JC Lim says:

    R bubble tea plush washable?

  26. UFOJane says:

    Anything wrong with washing a bunch in a tub ? We have * way more * than 2 that need some love.

  27. maggie quinn says:

    Thanks I was wary of buying this plush blue lobster at a thrift store but my sister really wanted it I tried this and some disinfectant spray last it worked like a charm thank you ☺

  28. 21minute says:

    Baby shark do do dodo dodo

  29. itss Juless says:

    if its a medium stuffed animal dont do it and he didn’t even mention anything like that my stuffie was getting dirty i cleaned it its medium but very flat AND IT DIDNT DRY thats what i was Afraid of

  30. Today i washed my plush figures but my plush mickey mouse legs the padding is loose from his legs mickeys legs was full of padding or fluff in his legs after wash in the washing machine his legs is empty i use quick wash

  31. I was maybe 7 and I bought this tiny fluffy hippo (Halle) and she’s really old so I wanted to clean it 🙂

  32. V says:

    My little brother took his big stuffed wolf outside and oh boy is it dirty haha.

  33. Sasha Bowden says:

    I have so many pokemon plushys that got dirty while I moved houses and just having some of them since a child. So this will be useful because they expensive and I would hate for them to be ruined in the washer

  34. ^bella^ says:

    Imgoing to make a revisible octapuss washing video

  35. Uke yuki says:

    Thank you so much for this video I had to know how to wash my stuffed bunny because I got him on Valentine’s Day but he sadly got dirty but omg your cats and sharkies are so cute!!!!

  36. Great video! I was digging through my old toys and found a dirty plushy that I had previously made from a sock. I wanted to wash it but the washing machine seemed to rough for a handmade plush. Thanks for this.

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