Inkscape Tutorial – How to Draw Fashion Flats

Inkscape Tutorial – How to Draw Fashion Flats

Tutorial on how to draw fashion flats using Inkscape.
In this video I show an example of how to draw a design for Alice’s red Split Leg Cocktail Dress from Resident Evil.

Total Editing time: 16 Minutes

Sample file:



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  1. DalimaWave says:

    why did you cut the audio when you hid grey lines below black lines

  2. Jen Hewlett says:

    Thanks heaps for the tutorial, it was great!

  3. Wow, Im trying to draw them by hand here… it ish difficult. It took meh 3-4 hours to draw it perf. 🙂 Thanks though

  4. D190N says:

    Can You Do A Tut On How to Make Animations In "InkScape" If You Can?

  5. Reivan says:

    @quidsup oh my bad I didn't realise, Don't worry about YouTube I approve most other views probably do as well ! I say go for it haha

  6. Reivan says:

    @quidsup car,motorbike,weapon even a naked women but you drew a dress lol 🙂

  7. Reivan says:

    you drew a dress out of all things lol somebody thinks their a little girl !

  8. Morris West says:

    Nice video . Inkscape is a great program , but have you tried Xara Xtreme it seen to runs faster than Inkscape on my computer . Xara Xtreme is also free in the software center .

  9. OmenX13 says:

    Cool Tutorial – Thanks.

  10. Wow! This is great and very helpful! Thank you so much! I saved your video under my favorites.

  11. Very nice tutorial.

    Is there anything you don't know how to do with a computer?

  12. Jack D. says:

    @quidsup One of the most useful videos you ever made. People start to learn Linux "at work" with this type of tips.
    Move foward from that other type of tutorials, avoiding random distro reviews, there is handreds and handreds of channels just making users wasting their time with random distro reviews, that is not useful, for nothing…
    Stick with your favorite distro and that's all. Make more of this tutorial from now on, showing you capacity, you even learn with it.
    Pretty awesome this one.

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