Jacksonville boy, 7, describes being shot: ‘It felt like fire’

VIDEO: A 7-year-old Jacksonville boy is out of the hospital after getting shot in the doorway of his own home.


One thought on “Jacksonville boy, 7, describes being shot: ‘It felt like fire’

  1. This brings me to tears. He don’t deserve this. Don’t no kid deserve to go through this or anything similar. We’re taught we that we have to move away from our people for peace but then we no longer understand our people, the people around our new environment don’t understand us, and we still battle with understanding ourselves. Real hood babies, we need to discuss how to bring change and understanding so we can stop the cycle.

  2. Mom needs to think about the kind of people she's letting around her kid. Might get torn to shreds for this but I see that she's pregnant and I honestly think that she has no business having anymore kids seeing as how she's allowing these kinds of people around her kid.

  3. a lot of people who aint got shot saying "this is what you post to do you dont see him thugging"

    i also aint seen you get popped multiple times either to make that type of conclusion

    what wonderful young man he defo has a good head on his shoulders

    but yall have got to stop throwing other black males to appraise others it's so unfair and redundant

    its always people who never even had this walk of life be the most opinionated on it.

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