January Haul


*I’m so so so sorry this is so late!! I got really sick last week and wasn’t able to edit till now. I’m the worst but I promise I’m back to editing as much as I possibly can!! Love you guys!!

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If you’re reading this I love you with my whole entire heart and I hope you have an amazing day


One thought on “January Haul

  1. you get a sticker you used one up in my opinion and I go to space ballingall and that's a chart so whenever we say that we get like a sticker and we get to put it there and you said in my opinion is the first time I hear somebody say that in a video so that shows lots of great

  2. I'm sooo happy for u gerrie! and have u named it yet, I know it sounds stupid of me to ask, but if you haven't you should name Mike and Mike is the only name I could think of😆

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