Kitwana's Toys #27: 2019 Just Play Nala Feature Plush from Disney's The Lion King

Kitwana's Toys #27: 2019 Just Play Nala Feature Plush from Disney's The Lion King

Toys of the 2019 remake of The Lion King are quite a hit and miss and this animatronic Nala toy is no exception. While her plush is nice and soft and she features her original movie voice, this toy is a copy of the Leap & Roar Kion and two other animatronic Simba toys, suffering from the same problems such as loud servo motors and a cheap plastic mouth. It also shows how difficult it is to create a toy that looks like a realistic lion cub while being affordable at the same time, so Nala looks more like a cross of a teddy bear and a lion. It’s also interesting to note that this is sold at the Disney Store, which recently keeps selling more and more toys from other manufacturers instead of their own.

Nevertheless, I have added her to my collection as my 286th TLK item and in this video, I’ll take a detailed look at her.

Nala is currently available for purchase on ShopDisney, current price is $34.95 (may vary):

This episode of Kitwana’s Toys recorded August 27, 2019

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6 Responses

  1. BlueMast3r says:

    Oha, das Ding ist wirklich hässlich, hat für mich keine Ähnlichkeit mit Nala. Ich fand ja schon den neuen Film deutlich schlechter als das Original, auch wenn nicht so katastrophal wie in viele reden, aber warum muss man Spielzeug machen was auf dem Remake basiert? Man könnte ja auch das Original als Vorbild für die Gestaltung nehmen, wäre bestimmt hübscher.

  2. Kitwana Lion I wonder where do you get all your lion king stuff?

  3. Jabari Lion says:

    I dont like that disney uses other companies toys. It has so many negative points. First of all, its hiding the real toy maker. The other point is, we lose more and more diversity. If you look how many different toy makers we had in the 90s. At least we are loosing quality.

  4. Wow show your whole collection of toys and statues and plush

  5. Anarchy Fox says:

    Kitswana lion dang fine new addition to your pride I wish I had that sort of room I only has limited funds too I do has a few fox plushies especially a nick wild and a rocket raccoon ❤👍🐾🐺😺

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