Kitwana's Toys #28: 1998 Douglas Lifesize Adult Simba Store Display Plush – Disney's The Lion King 2

Kitwana's Toys #28: 1998 Douglas Lifesize Adult Simba Store Display Plush – Disney's The Lion King 2

The centerpiece and ONE TRUE KING of my Lion King collection! All he misses is a crown! This 53″ / 135 cm tall plush of Adult Simba is an extremely rare item which has served as a store display in several electronics stores across Europe back in 1998 to promote the direct-to-video release of The Lion King 2 – Simba’s Pride. Around 40-50 pcs of him have been manufactured by the Douglas Cuddle Toy Company out of New Hampshire. This item was never available for sale to the public!

Your best bet to find him is by setting up a saved search on the British Ebay at by using the search term “Douglas Simba” and then arrange a pallet delivery courier for collection if you’re living abroad and are unable to pick him up yourself. In my case, I have used the services of Speedshift at

This episode of Kitwana’s Toys recorded August 30, 2019.

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This video does not contain any product placement. The toys featured are part of my private collection and are not for sale.

While this video is family-friendly and safe to watch for everyone, its main target audience are adult collectors. It has therefore been set as “Not for kids” to comply with the COPPA. Should you be unable to leave a comment below, please use my social media outlets listed above.

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  1. Korn Freek says:

    You have a really Awesome lion king collection! 😍

  2. So the smaller one sitting next to him is that another Simba or Mufasa?

  3. And I this is mufasa but it is ok you name simba I am sorry I said it's not simba before it's mufasa but nice video

  4. Жаль што умня нет таких всех😔🙏львов

  5. Snowtiger says:

    Do you happen to know how many they made of the smaller adult simba? I am curious about that. You said for the giant one about 40 to 50 but what about the smaller one. Do you know?

  6. I love the "We Are One" background instrumental!

  7. I wish i had all ur lion king stuff u had im a very big lion king 1# fan more than anyone else im 9

  8. Dan* you like lions that’s a huge one

  9. Эй ты что у тебя король лев вы маленькие чтоли ой извините я тоже хатела😢😭🐯🦁

  10. yorkish says:

    I'm the same thing, but with Scar lmao

  11. It's so cute! I wish i could get one my birthday was yesterday and this video makes me happy!

  12. J Nuy says:

    Cool 💯❤️💚💛 UwU

  13. For a moment I was wondering why you would be talking about "adult plush" until I realized you meant "grown up Simba" and not like "NSFW plush" lmao

  14. Wow so many o.o
    Aww awesome 😊💓

  15. I can't find it any where, I been looking for this item for years . This a really RARE item, and you are very lucky to have it.

  16. BlueMast3r says:

    Gut, dass du das mit dem Gewicht ansprichst und dass man ihn sichern sollte, falls man Kinder hat. Könnte vor allem bei kleinen Kindern ganz böse enden.

    Was du Zuhause hast ist wirklich beachtlich, vor allem dieses Stück. Ich hoffe du hast genug Platz für deine Sammlung und musst nicht Dinge in den Keller stellen^^

  17. grim fox says:

    ok now I'm jealous cos I can't hug the huge siba

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