Kitwana's Toys #32: 2019 Disney Store Japan 15" Adult Simba Plush – Disney's The Lion King

Kitwana's Toys #32: 2019 Disney Store Japan 15" Adult Simba Plush – Disney's The Lion King

From the official Japanese Disney Store comes His Royal Highness, King Simba as a 15″ plushie from their exclusive 2019 Lion King collection. This is a rather unique Lion King plushie with a very nice pose and just the right size to carry it along, yet still big enough for a hug, because even a true Lion King likes some comforting cuddles after his daily duties in the Pride Lands!

This Adult Simba plush has sold out on Disney Store Japan. It was available in Summer 2019 for a price of 3,024 Yen (about $28) but is still available on Ebay.

More Japanese Disney items can be found on featuring shipping to many international locations.

This episode of Kitwana’s Toys recorded September 27, 2019

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  1. Are you selling any of your breyer horses? If so I'd like to buy a few.

  2. ohhhhhh this Mufasa statue behind you :O

  3. Blazie Fox says:

    Ohh i managed to get this not long ago x3 i really wanted a good accurate simba as i will say one of the problems with some of the they can just look like lions and not quite the characters…so when i saw this i had to get it. Not quite the redish haie but its still a really good quality plush with a great mane 🙂
    What would you say is the best looking simba plush you reckon?

  4. I don't have any lion king plush toys yet…but I'm looking forward to buying some. Have any ideas where I can buy some? Should I do Lion King Review videos?
    Great Video and Keep Up The Good Work.

  5. J Nuy says:

    Looks really cute! X3 UwU

  6. Hey kitwana which do you prefer TLK original or TLK 2019 remake?

  7. Golden Wolf says:

    Your getting the entire lion king family you have
    I just want all the movies and I’ll be happy 😊

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