Kitwana's Toys #51: 2011 Disney Store Lion King Plush Collection Jumbo Mufasa, 18" Simba, Scar, Nala

Kitwana's Toys #51: 2011 Disney Store Lion King Plush Collection Jumbo Mufasa, 18" Simba, Scar, Nala

The Disney Store celebrated the 2011 Blu-Ray release of Disney’s beloved 1994 animated classic The Lion King with a high-quality plush collection that was a huge hit with fans of the franchise. What a great sight this was back then at the Disney stores, seeing all this big TLK plushies! Among them, the one true king of the plush was the 34″ tall Jumbo Mufasa, which retailed for $99.99 at that time and quickly became a highly-sought TLK collectible, worth a few hundred dollars.

The 18″ sitting Adult Nala plush also ranks very high on my all-time favorite Lion King plushies, as she’s incredibly huggable, soft and squishy, along with great movie accuracy. She’s my all-time favorite Nala plush!
In this episode, we travel back to 2011 and look at the following toys in this collection:

– 2:35 2011 Disney Store 18″ Sitting Adult Nala Plush
– 6:45 2011 Disney Store 18″ Sitting Adult Simba Plush
– 9:15 2011 Disney Store 18″ Sitting Scar Plush
– 12:38 2011 Disney Store 34″ Jumbo Mufasa Plush

Have you been able to score these back then? And which one is your favorite? Share your memories in the comments!

This episode of Kitwana’s Toys recorded April 4, 2020.
Title card artwork by Sarah “Tod Puppy” Painter.

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  1. Where did you buy the plush adult Simba?

  2. Hi, Kitwana Lion. Today Is Adrian's Birthday. It's Also Palm Sunday 2020.

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