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Land based fishing for beginners. An easy step by step guide to help you catch more fish with important tips and techniques. This video is ideal for those new to fishing or beginners looking to increase your fishing knowledge.

COVERING how to fish and fishing basics in the following steps
Rod setup
Reel and line setup
running sinker and leaders
Accessories including rod holders, pliers, scissors and bells
Baits including pilchards scrub worms and maggots
Bait presentation
how to cast and basic casting technique
reeling in a fish
good fish handling
staying within catch and size limits
successful simple repetitive techniques and having fun whilst fishing

Enjoy the video and make sure you subscribe to the channel. You can follow our awesome fishing adventures by kayak, boat, land & jet ski with lures & bait to catch local saltwater, freshwater, and estuary fish species. The channel is fun, relatable, and features world class fishing action and tips.

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33 Responses

  1. Thank you Alan for always making informative contents about fishing here in VIC. Me and my son are your avid subscribers and just beginners in this hobby this video has covered all the things we need to get started. May I know what’s the best time to cast a line in this area?

  2. Samantha Kew says:

    I'm really stuck on getting a really good real set up for bream land based Soft plastic?

  3. Hasan Dzib says:

    Hey Alan
    Could you please make a video on setting the rod like adding the stones hook etc….
    I would really appreciate it

  4. A X says:

    I am a pro. I once caught a sailfish. Great job though. Keep up the good work.

  5. Mobijub says:

    Wow that spots have changed quite a bit.. remembered it was just a sand bank and garbage every where. Looks like a fantastic spot now. Nice catch, never got anything but bream and flatheads.

  6. Mayanmist says:

    Still too much jargon for very beginners. Can’t see some of the items due to being too small.

  7. Goodi says:

    Hi Alan. how about showing beginners how to remove the hook . Thank you

  8. M S says:

    Thanks Buddy I really appreciate this video. I am going on my first fishing trip with family and friends and want to impress the ladies with the info you have provided πŸ‘πŸΎ

  9. Great video mate I always find it hard to know what size sinker to use . I fish in an estuary some times current can be pretty hard, lots of bream, whiting and flatted mainly that we have caught here .

  10. Thanks Alan. I never paid attention to my dads lessons as a kid. Thought it was boring lol. Now I'm older and see the light, I realise how fun fishing is. The old man's passed away now so I have to teach myself. Thank you πŸ™‚

  11. Do you need to buy fishing license in melbourne?

  12. hello i just want to ask if your yosing a sircle hook

  13. PAPDOG1973 says:

    Well done mate – thanks

  14. T Mathew says:

    awesome, looking forward to my first trip out, post lockdown

  15. Joe Dennehy says:

    Very good advice, especially the fluorocarbon. Great stuff

  16. ronmb81 says:

    2:40 where did you get those rod holders from, especially the tube one? cheers

  17. Muzz manaya says:

    Hi Alan, my son and I love watching your videos. I've tried fishing there many times, but no luck. My friend really wants to catch trevalli, as it brings back memories of fishing with his nonno, where would be the best place to target them in the coming weeks? I want to take him out.
    All the best mate

  18. Petoz says:

    I’m not a beginner but I love these type of videos well done!

  19. Hey Alan, what do you reckon is the story with those trevs? The fins look damaged, even missing!

  20. Love this yes πŸ™ŒπŸΌ the land

  21. Shroom says:

    @8:25 "We gonna let this go guy right now" – Alan 2021 πŸ˜† Love it haha

  22. Nghia Phan says:

    very helpful videos thank you.

  23. I really want to learn fishing but i dont know what to buy as beginner. Thankyou for this video. New subscriber here from philippines.

  24. Rare to catch big fish πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  25. Hey buddy this is absolutely fantastic. As a novice saltnwater fisherman I feel as though I could go there, do what you said and feel confident that I might catch something. Excellent video. Well done.

  26. Hey Alan, how do you get down to that spot near the westgate.

  27. Hey mate, what rod is that can you give a link

  28. Sabbir Alam says:

    hey mate, just wondering are there fish at this spot all year round?

  29. LJ Studios says:

    What tackle shop did you shop at?

  30. Hey Alan, great instructional video, keep them coming.

  31. Another brilliant video for beginners. Well done FishingMad

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