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The boys help Seth jones work on his shot and his hands


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  1. MAXIMAG says:

    Jones is so easy to coach. TEAM PLAYER!! and that’s exactly why he’s my fav player and my favorite team is The Blue Jackets🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ #5thline #ohio

  2. ANONYMOUS says:

    Is it just me that is watching it in June 2020

  3. Hey says:

    "that's simple geology"

  4. YZERMAN #19 says:

    "I slow it down so you can see"

    increases speed 200%

    I'm deader than dead. 😂😂😂

  5. Great eppie boys that will teach him to not be a girl and shoot the biscuit

  6. "You always want to miss the first shot", haha, priceless lessons boys. 🏒

  7. I wish people who dislike would comment as to why they didn’t like it

  8. Pj Sebadoh says:

    Great sport Seth! 😂👍

  9. When a joke actually turns into a hockey lesson

  10. oilfan pw says:

    Who's that a golfer? Lol. It almost did look like a Jim Furyk swing!

  11. Zoe Dilks says:

    They need to show Colton Parayko how to do a clapper

  12. Blap says:

    wow he hit both pipes haha

  13. This was one of the better ones 😝

  14. Nic Six says:

    “Want me to slow it down?”
    does it faster

  15. Jones does such a good job playing along 😂

  16. Typokeke says:

    The best eppie, Jones was so in it!

  17. This is one of your best eppies!!!!!

  18. Jones: Right on the tape eh.
    Me: What tape?

  19. Stevey Irwin says:

    LOL Jonesy is the man. "Oh I've heard of that one, it's not a bad league!"

  20. The Boss says:

    around the world is like a softball windup

  21. Ya I don’t stickhandle a lot
    Ya I know we watched

  22. FlyHighXd says:

    Lol you guys are hilarious! And funny you should do another 2v2 full contact lol I got a good laugh on the last one lol

  23. Can I b in a vid. I need some fundies

  24. Jacobs got a rly greasy snapper

  25. J says:

    Jones gets it, guy learned some great tips

  26. J. Smith says:

    SJ: "What if an opposing guy is coming, do you just still pass it to him?"
    OTB: "Absolutely."

    Seth seems to have taken that to heart 😛

  27. We know we watched 😂😂😂

  28. Billy Bob says:

    He went post to post twice in a row

  29. Tim Douglas says:

    “Lot of toe and let er buck” 😂😂😂

  30. Steve says:

    "T-ball shoulder acting up"…lol

  31. L K says:

    Cool video like if it is true

  32. Dane Mcgee says:

    Love you guys!! You should do a celly video with Scottie upshall from the blues

  33. Its Replayzz says:

    hey boys im having trouble dangling down full ice and getting past the d man. can you do an eppie on how to dangle all of the benders and get those silky mits. thanks boys.

  34. Its Replayzz says:

    what if people actually take in these “tips”

  35. NGC 7635 says:

    My geology teacher:

    “When two tectonic plates collide, make the pass, get the back pass, and rip it low cheese”

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