Mic'd Up | Oshie in Warmies

Mic'd Up | Oshie in Warmies

Ever wonder what T.J. Oshie is saying during warmies?

So did we. And now we know.




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  1. Give them all interviews they become rigid

  2. Carolina 241 says:

    The dislikes are from Boston fans

  3. Hockey Mate says:

    Im always asking myself if they act the same when theyre not miced. Kinda dont think so 😀

  4. Gabriel says:

    I wish he still played for St. Louis 😪

  5. I love him. It's nice to see an athlete who still loves the game so much. He just wants to play hockey. It makes me happy.

  6. alintot917 says:

    Keep that dude mic'd up the whole season, please

  7. elle says:

    this is why i love oshie hes a literal 9 yr old

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  9. the "No Tommy" part broke my heart.

  10. Кузя поделился чем-то с Оши.

  11. Man… hope the Kraken don't steal him in the expando drafto

  12. Hockeyguy25 says:

    OVI, Oshie, Backie, Caps version of the triplets.

  13. I love TJ so much. Hes such a friggin goofball

  14. jayvardy says:

    In Warmies????? Warmies???

    Jesus Christ. Hockey and this teams social media operators have both been taken over by Beta Men.

  15. Fun fact: this is a grown man

  16. Sendyboi says:

    Ok oshie is like everyone said he is

  17. Anthon says:

    I miss Oshie -Blues fan

  18. Kapitals Owy says:

    Почему зелёные?)))

  19. 😄😄😄✌️👍🤝 Привет из Екатеринбурга (Россия)

  20. I wish that I had half of the energy that this man has.

  21. Such a fun guy full of energy and leadership. I burst into heavy tears seeing him honor his dad after we won the cup

  22. Emily says:

    Love this man to death ❤️💙

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