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Mic'd Up | T.J. Oshie in Game

Mic'd Up | T.J. Oshie in Game

First we showed you T.J. Oshie mic’d up during warmups. Here is the rest of the game against the New York Rangers at Capital One Arena.



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  1. I bet we will protect backy kuzy willy sprong sheary oshie eller carly orly shultzy and Sammy and ovi will probably sign after draft so they can’t take him either way

  2. Zeroskyline says:

    Oshie is one of the hardest working players on the ice. Plays the body, skates hard, back-checks and is always good for a tip in at the net.

  3. molupin60 says:

    Is this man twelve 😂

  4. Wingman46 says:

    "hey i think i can catch panarin up the wall" many have tried few have succeeded xD

  5. Alynn Perl says:

    I love the capitals and ove and oshie

  6. I wish all the beer leaguers would say, “sorry bro you good?”

    Oshie is the man.

  7. Praful Shah says:

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  8. elle says:

    i love watchin this guy play

  9. YoYo YoYoYo says:

    can you post his hit against the devils

  10. This team is as dangerous as any I have seen for a cup run. Let's gooo

  11. Osh is one of my favorite players

  12. Оши супер играет! USA. Portland

  13. Alex Green says:

    it's nice to know that even pro players say "that's icing… that's not icing" when watching a play

  14. Go Caps says:

    Hi, T.J. I'm going to miss you once you leave us you're my 3rd favorite current caps player.

  15. Not guilty says:


  16. Going to miss that guy when he leaves us.

  17. Named my dog after you T.J I made a good choice!

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