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Miyoni Bunny Assortment from Aurora

Miyoni Bunny Assortment from Aurora

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Giving stuffed animals as an Easter gift is a tradition for many families, and Aurora has new stuffed bunnies in its Miyoni line that are perfect for gift-giving at Easter or springtime. The Miyoni line features the world’s most popular jungle and domestic animals, including two new realistic-looking white and brown bunnies. The bunnies are available in two sizes: eight inches and 10 inches. Each bunny is sold separately.



8 Responses

  1. Tell me about Chastity the flopsie rabbit?

  2. Mr 80's says:

    I had a white rabbit with metal in the ears in order to position them a certain way, and it had beans/ pellets in the feet to make it seems like it would be walking when the feet hit the ground, and I havent been able to find what kind it was anywhere anyone here know?

  3. fannatic1 says:

    i have a bunny,Chihuahua,Siberian husky,golden retriever,crocodile and squirrel from aurora .

  4. Tylasian says:

    I have a minion I husky and it looks real

  5. I have one in black and white and the Bowen one on the video.

  6. Sanjeev says:

    Oh mabye its tyammy nice name

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