One thought on “My Jellycat Collection Oct 2020 and where I got them

  1. すごく可愛い!この動画を見てmonkeyを娘にプレゼントすることを決めました:)

  2. huuuuuuge collection! wish I could manage one in smaller scale after settling down somewhere. Flying around is such a pain in that sense

  3. Jelly cat heaven!! I love them ALL! I only have 7 jelly’s, 😂 one of them is an owl that is my all time favorite plushie :>
    Me and my cousins actually collect them together! All together we have like 30 something 😂😋
    Your channel is very amazing! You are very creative!

  4. wow.. and my bf thinks I have a lot! lol this is amazing!! 💕 I collect them too. my bf is in the military and is deployed at the moment. He told me he's scared to come home to see how many Jellycats I've gotten 😂 .. love your collection ❤️

  5. Wow u have a amazing collection I've just started my jellycat collection j also collect disney, steiff Charlie bears kacey and artists bears i love ur videos just subbed today 💙🤗

  6. Do you ever get the jellycats on sale? They are so expensive but I love them!! I’ve been trying to get them on sale, but it’s hard…

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