My new Douglas plush wolf Atka!

My new Douglas plush wolf Atka!

A package from my grandma and my new Douglas wolf Akta! Enjoy!


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  1. Very cool that your grandma sent you a package!! 😀
    Soo awesome that you got the new douglas wolf!! 😀
    Love the name that you picked out for him!! 😀
    Also love the name for your Gelert plush!! :33

  2. JordanLynn says:

    I call my grandma nonnie too!! And i love the Douglas wolf!!!

  3. I love the timber wolf! I have one named shadow. He is not very soft anymore though. It's cause I cuddle with him and pet him. Is Nipsee (I think I typed that right) soft?

  4. BBYDEE says:

    Were is your daughter that plays with the lps

  5. she looks perfect!! I thought she was going to be bigger looking at the trade show photos

  6. Dunkinwolf says:

    Omg thanks for posting this cus I'd been wanting to see an actual photo/video of the new Douglas wolf. I usually am very weary of product photos but its relieving to see it looks just as good if not better.

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