New fennec plush and Douglas cat

New fennec plush and Douglas cat

found my fennec on ebay for $10 she was in pretty good conditon except for surface stains that the seller didnt specify about but they came out easy with resolve 🙂



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  1. thank you! And cool I will check it out!

  2. eeeee~! You should join plushcollectors . livejournal . com I LOVE your foxes!!

  3. thank you! and Im so sorry about your kitty! I hate that feeling of losing a pet! And Im glad that my videos are comforting it is nice to meet new people that have alot of plushies too!

  4. thank you! and yes it was an awesome price ive been after this one for awhile! I did tell the seller just so they can double check their items in the future before they put a description up

  5. I love fennec foxes! They're really cute!!

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