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NHL: Injury During Warm Up

NHL: Injury During Warm Up

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47 Responses

  1. Can you show the vid of when Lucic gets cut by a skate on the throat? Idk if it was during a game or practice

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Can you do Connor McDavids smoothest moves? Thanks! I'm a really big fan of his!

  3. Brian Holder says:

    Holtby was doing the splits one time in warmups and someone fell on him. He was fine.
    It was Justin Williams who fell on him

  4. 0:48 that sounded like someone slamming a dictionary shut lol

  5. Ben10 says:

    Taylor hall skate to face is by far the worst in my opinion

  6. What happened in the very first clip? I didn’t see it!

  7. Max D'Arcy says:

    1:00 good thing he had his hamlet on

  8. John L says:

    I cringed so hard at halls injury I think I pulled something in my leg, the way I was sitting. wtf are the chances?

  9. Chase says:

    Refs getting hit please

  10. Jason S says:

    That sucks but that’s the sport. This ain’t baseball or any of those pussy sports

  11. Ben Balfour says:

    Who here just found out the first injury I couldn't find until now

  12. TheDude_59 says:

    1:10 he didnt even ask if his teammate was alright… He just skated off

  13. Look at the Ben Bishop size compare to the guys on left 2:06 … Huge Booooy… 🙂

  14. "Why no helmet in warmup" is the question? A helmet wouldn't have prevented the injury in Taylor Hall took to the face.

  15. This is like dying in Creative Mode.

  16. I broke my femur in warmups

  17. KGB Really says:

    :34 And he hit him in the ding ding🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮

  18. Yur Yurp says:

    When doan got hit he didn’t even think to see if the guy he hit was ok

  19. Jordan Ray says:

    “And we ask why no helmets in warm ups?”

    Because they’re grown ass men and they can do whatever the hell they want! If they get hurt they get hurt, it’s their own damn fault and choice.

    Something about people these days, it stretches all over our society, not just sports. Everyone is the politically correct police, the safety police, the right from wrong police… how about everyone stops worrying about everyone else and worry about themselves??!!

    I guarantee Taylor Hall has zero fucks to give about what the Sportsnet guys think, just like I don’t give a shit about what other people think nor do I think people give a shit about what I think!

    End of rant. Sorry, had to get it out.

    But seriously, it’s commentators like this that are ruining hockey. They get on tv and say “fighting bad”, and people think to themselves “fighting bad!” Soon it’ll be “hitting bad”, then it’ll be “hockey bad” because pretty soon the game will be so far from what it is supposed to be it won’t even be hockey anymore, it’ll be ringette for fuck sakes and all the hockey players will have to tuck their cock and balls between their legs to play.

    Sorry, end of rant. Seriously this time.

  20. Look what and listen to the music at 1:56 lololol

  21. Paul Lavigne says:

    Can you do shout out injuries

  22. Shane Frost says:

    Shane Doan was my favorite player but it is kind of funny

  23. Ry4n says:

    sǝǝ ʍɥɐʇ ɥɐddǝns !ɟ ʎon ן!ʞǝ ʇɥ!s

  24. Lola Guidera says:

    1:13 so rude doesn’t say anything just walks away rude

  25. Anna Rinaldi says:

    Taylor hall also had knee surgery

  26. Oliw_ier says:

    Can you do fights during warm ups

  27. annalocke53 says:

    I was playing basketball and right before the game we were doing suicide drills and as I was piveting I kept my foot in place as I turned and dislocated my knee having to have surgery and not able to play for the rest of the season and for soccer
    What I'm saying is that u also have to be careful in games as well as warmups and practices

  28. Coyotes are a joke of a team.. dude watches the collision from a foot away, then proceed to skate away not giving af.. and doan the cunt who caused this doesn’t even see if the dude he smashed into was okay.. GREAT captain by the way smdh

  29. maropoko xxx says:


  30. Caden Nelson says:

    I laughed way too hard at the Shane Doan collision!

  31. Part 2 please why no helmets in warmups

  32. Caden Fraser says:

    It feels bad to injure a goalie

    But very bad to injure your own goalie

  33. Ben Balfour says:

    What happen to jonhson huh🤷🤷🤷

  34. Murray sucks Fleury was 1st overall in 2003

  35. Чтот за понты, одевайте шлем.

  36. I heard Jen pins you comments

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